Zuckeberg Sells World-Class Virtual Outfits on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

CEO and founder of Meta Mark Zuckeberg announced that his social networking platform has started selling virtual clothing products designed by world-class designers such as Prada, Balenciaga, to Thorn Browne to later be worn by avatars in virtual spaces.

The sales plan was announced live when Mark Zuckeberg made a broadcast with Instagram’s Head of Fashion.

Quoted from Reuters, Saturday, the virtual fashion products will be sold with a price range of US$2.99 ​​to US$8.99 or the equivalent of Rp44,000 to Rp133,000.

The price is of course much cheaper than the real clothes in the real world by global brands, such as the Matinee ostrich leather bag from Prada which is sold for up to US $ 10,700 or equivalent to Rp. 158 million, which can now be obtained at a very low price.

According to Mark Zuckeberg, the presence of selling virtual fashion products can be one way to build a more open virtual market potential and sell more digital clothes.

Avatar is one of Meta’s ways to connect user identities across Facebook, Instagram and other services, as it further binds platforms together and leads to building a deep “metaverse” of the digital world.

This method is considered to be able to make it easier for users to connect and gather at any time.

The company allows its users with Virtual Reality (VR) devices to use the avatar to play games, take gym classes, and even participate in conference calls.

The digital clothing that will be sold will later be available on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Meta’s VR avatar is known to have undergone many improvements, for example, last year’s avatar was made more expressive and is now available in a three-dimensional version. (Ant/OL-12)

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