Zone! This Man Bought A Hulk Character Design Cake But It Was Disappointing


A man shares an annoying moment while ordering birthday cake for himself. Because the cake with the ‘Hulk’ design did not meet expectations.

There are various types of birthday cakes. There are classic ones with chocolate or cheese decorations, some are designed with cartoon characters and Super Heroes.

Usually cake with character design certain must order with an expert baker. Because not just anyone has artistic skills on the cake. If you order it to just anyone, I’m afraid the cake will be unsatisfactory and even ‘zonk’.

Reporting from The Sun UK (20/2), a man in England shared his story of buying a ‘zonk’ cake or not as expected for his birthday. He wanted a cake with the design of the Hulk character, the famous Super Hero from Marvel.

Ordered Hulk Cake and the Result was Zonk Photo: TikTok @brenttelevision

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The man with the TikTok account @brenttelevision uploaded the moment. The man named Brent made a video showing a variety of hulk-designed birthday cakes that he really wanted.

Cake what he wanted was to have an amazing design and resemble the original Hulk character. Then at the end of the video, Brent looks glum as he shows him the Hulk-designed birthday cake he ordered.

The Hulk cake really didn’t live up to expectations, no wonder Brent looked down. Not the Hulk figure that gives the impression of being fierce and tough, but looks adorable.

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The Hulk cake he ordered consisted of a tart topped with vanilla cream for the base. Then in the middle is given a sponge decoration shaped like the body of the Hulk.

Order Hulk Cake The Result is ZonkOrdered Hulk Cake and the Result was Zonk Photo: TikTok @brenttelevision

Sponge was given a spread of green buttercream thoroughly. After that, he also added blue cream to his pants design and black color to decorate his hair, eyes, and lips.

Judging from the design, the adorable Hulk-designed cake seems to have been made by an inexperienced baker. Because the buttercream spread on the cake also looked messy.

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