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YouTube Adds Transcription Feature in Android App

Google’s subsidiary, YouTube, added a transcription feature for Android app users.

The service was presented because it was considered to be able to help users better understand videos, especially for long-form content.

Launching GSM Arena, Sunday (13/3), this feature allows users to retrieve interesting quotes mentioned in YouTube content with automatic transcription results that appear when this feature is used.

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Only a few Android users have received the update, but it is hoped that this service will be available on all Android users’ phones using YouTube.

To activate this feature, later users can scroll to the bottom after the video description.

Later there will be a Show Transcription option, for the transcription results will have the same appearance as the version
desktop but will be adapted to the UI of each smartphone.

The presence of this feature is part of a massive update that Google brings to Android and Google Pixels users globally.

Some of the updates that Google brought include the Transcribe service that can be accessed offline without internet, Google Photos with a better portrait display, to the new emojis on Google’s instant messaging service. (Ant/OL-1)