You can try digital to spread its wings to Southeast Asia

During its five years of existence, Bisa Tried Digital (BDD) has experienced many challenges and lessons learned to this day. Entering its fifth year, BDD has the opportunity to give a new color to the Indonesian digital marketing industry with clients and partners in various industries.

Through the ups and downs of the business climate in Indonesia, BDD has evolved from a digital advertising agency to an agency capable of providing broad digital marketing solutions.

Oni Fahrurrozi as CEO and Founder of May Try Digital stated “For the past five years we have faced a storm of change that is not only challenging, but also helps us become an agency that MSMEs in Indonesia can rely on.”

Last week BDD launched a rebranding of its logo and tagline, carrying a new spirit. BDD’s new identity, which is more flexible and solid, brings a new mindset about the value of growth partners in facing the coming business years. The tagline #HereWeGrow was chosen to be a value that can be applied in various conditions and challenges ahead.

Kirana Paramitha as Vice President of Sales and Marketing May Try Digital stated, “We would not have reached this point without our growth partners (clients). On the other hand, we hope that BDD can become a reliable growth partner for all of our clients’ business problems.”

Can You Try Digital has a mission to work with more local brands and MSMEs, bringing them with us to access a wider market in the Southeast Asian market.

Along the way, many partners have been helped by the presence of Bisa Tried Digital and have high hopes, business people like them feel the same assistance and can grow together with BDD.

According to Sean Bunjamin as Community Manager of Impact Hub, the presence of BDD in MSME business growth is very important considering that many business owners spend time thinking about operations and do not focus on their business values. “We have to look at our own values, and many are not aware of that, because business owners are too focused on their operations.” Sean explained.

The presence and development of BDD as a supporter of the Indonesian MSME ecosystem, can be the choice of all readers to become business partners and grow together. (OL-12)

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