You can also enjoy coffee above the clouds in Karawang


Karawang -Cool and charming, maybe that feeling is appropriate to express when visiting Saung Koffie Hideung which offers the beauty of Karawang from above the clouds.

Saung Koffie Hideung is located at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level (masl) and is located at the foot of Mount Sanggabuana, Tegalwaru District, Karawang.

To get to this location, travelers need to prepare a healthy vehicle and of course an expert in inclines because the road route is quite steep and steep.

Saung Koffie Hideung is approximately 25 kilometers from Karawang city or takes approximately 1.5 hours. On the way, travelers will also be presented with the charm of natural beauty and of course accompanied by coolness.

The owner of Saung Koffi Hideung H Riki revealed that the destination he had created had only been established for two months and was still under development.

“So the soft launch will be in December 2021 and is still under development,” said Riki when met at Saung Koffie Hideung, Saturday (5/3/2022).

In destinations that take advantage of this natural beauty, of course, travelers will be presented with the beauty of its natural charm. In addition, for culinary connoisseurs, this location will offer a different sensation when eating the dishes ordered.

“Of course, not just its natural charm, we are here to offer different things when eating Sundanese cuisine from above the clouds,” said Riki again.

In addition to the heavy food presented, H Riki also introduced the typical coffee of Karawang, namely Sanggabuana Robusta coffee.

“Besides food, of course, we introduce our main product, namely the original Karawang coffee, Sanggabuana robusta coffee, or Sanggabuana hideung koffie,” he said.

In this 1.2 hectare land area, Saung Koffie Hideung has many instagramable spots and provides various facilities.

“So there are lots of selfie spots, various angles are suitable as a point of view for photos, there are also 4 lodging rooms, a prayer room, a camping ground, free wifi and various dining areas, while meeting rooms are being built and many others are available. is in development,” he said.

Saung Koffie Hideung Karawang. Photo: Yuda Febrian Silitonga

When trying to enjoy the inn, each room has been provided with various equipment of a star hotel class, and when opening the exit door, travelers will be presented with views of the hills in the Sanggabuana mountain area.

The price list to enjoy the accommodation is for Weekday 500 thousand and Weekend 600 thousand per night, includes snacks, original Karawang coffee, breakfast for 2 people.

The price for a tent for 4 people is 150 thousand, a tent for 8 people is 300 thousand, and the rental of a mattress is 10 thousand, pillows are 5 thousand, and a tent lamp is 20 thousand. There is also a package for camping as a whole. For a 4-person tent, it costs 500 thousand and an 8-person tent for a million per day including coffee, snacks and breakfast.

This destination is open from 10 am, for weekends it closes at 12 pm and weekdays at 10 pm.

H Riki also recounted that when he first formed Saung Koffie Hideung, he intended to develop a coffee farm native to Karawang.

“Initially, it was inseparable from my commitment to hideung coffee farming in 2020. So this place is part of the marketing of Karawang coffee and the economic development of the surrounding area, therefore the majority of people who work here are here,” he said.

So, for travelers, this destination is really recommended for tourism and enjoying healing in between busy schedules.

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