Xcashshop Leaks Top Up Games Business Secrets

The COVID-19 PANDEMIC has hit various business sectors. However, it turns out that there are a number of sectors that are still able to survive during the pandemic, one of which is the online game (online) or esports top up service business.

The growth of the esports market is allegedly due to the increasing number of internet users and the development of technology in the digital era, which makes online games more varied and more sophisticated. During the pandemic, when people are required to be active at home, playing games is one of the activities that is increasingly loved.

Such a situation also resulted in soaring profits in the online game business, especially the top up business. Founder of @xcashshop.id (Instagram) Muhammad Rifqy Abdillah said, doing an online games top up business, there are at least a few tips that need to be considered.

First, legality. According to him, building a business with legal entities is the most important thing to gain customer trust, especially digital transactions such as online game top ups.

“In general, digital transactions, people don’t know each other personally. So what makes people believe? That’s why at least a legal entity is needed. (I) established xcashshop with a comanditaire venootschap (CV) legal entity,” said Rifqy in Jakarta, Thursday (3/03/2020). 3/2022).

“Thus, customers feel safe and comfortable in transacting. They trust them,” continued Rifqy.

Second, ease of access. According to Rifqy, providing excellent service is also important for consumers, not only a matter of accuracy and response speed, but from the aspect of the system that is built, it must offer convenience or not be complicated. “Easyness or practicality is also an important point that needs to be considered. Also make sure the transaction process can be done within 24 hours,” said Rifqy.

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Third, service friendliness. Because this will give a positive impression and consumers will order again at a later date. “The last tip is about friendliness. This applies in general in providing services to build a positive impression so that repeat orders are consumed,” he said. (RO/OL-14)