with a rare disease this kid is always hungry all jpg

With a rare disease, this kid is always hungry all the time


Having a rare disease, this 10 year old boy feels hungry all the time. Even though he had eaten a lot of food.

Most children already feel full if they eat 1-2 servings of food. But it’s different with a boy named David Soo. This 10-year-old boy from Singapore suffers from a rare disease or syndrome, which makes his appetite increase.

Reporting from OddityCentral (08/03), David had to experience excessive hunger all day during his life. He suffers from a rare disease or syndrome called Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).

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This syndrome is a serious health problem. Because it makes sufferers always feel hungry, even though they have eaten large amounts of food. This syndrome arises due to the loss of function of genes in certain areas of chromosome 15, which cannot be cured.

Of course, living with this syndrome is quite difficult, especially for people who take care of this sufferer. Because sufferers are always hungry and want to eat all the time.

Close supervision is needed, so that patients stop eating. Because if not supervised, sufferers will continue to eat which could make them die of obesity, heart attack, diabetes and so on.

Illustration of children can’t stop eating with rare syndrome. Photo: thinkstock

Even in some cases of PWS, there are patients whose intestines have been torn to holes. Because of the large amount of food they swallow continuously. Other complications include abdominal bloating, decreased gastric emptying function.

Quoted from the RareDiseases.org website, these PWS patients have an urge to eat at any time that they can’t control. If left unchecked, it can be very dangerous for health and stomach.

Especially in the case of patients who are still children, PWS sufferers who are still children have a tendency to steal food, steal money to buy food, to hoard food.

In David Soo’s case, his family tried hard to control his weight by locking the kitchen door. So that their son does not eat too much.

The Soos also provide a special meal schedule for David, so David knows when he will eat or get a snack. This syndrome, although quite dangerous, is actually not fatal if the family and administrators of PWS sufferers maintain the patient’s diet so that he does not overeat.

Until now there is no drug that can cure PWS. However, health experts recommend that people with PWS undergo therapy, which helps reduce PWS symptoms with a focus on researching the hormones associated with this rare syndrome.

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