Whoops! This mother is even busy packing food at the wedding


At a party usually served abundant food. Came to the wedding, a woman was caught in the middle wrap foodeven while the event is still ongoing.

When holding a party, both thanksgiving and weddings, a lot of food will usually be served to the guests. This abundant food is deliberately presented to entertain guests who come.

The event owner will also ensure that all guests get food and the food will not run out before the event is over. Unfortunately, at this event there are often strange stories made by guests who come.

Not a few guests who came actually took advantage of this celebration opportunity as a place to eat for free even for their families. One of them is clearly seen where a female guest is busy wrapping food at a wedding party.

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Coming to a wedding, this netizen was surprised to see what was happening in front of his eyes. Photo: Says

Quoting Says (28/3), there was a solemn wedding ceremony taking place. Even the guests who came were almost entirely solemn to see the pronunciation of the sacred contract.

But in another corner caught a guest who was enjoying himself. In the short video seen, this guest turned out to be busy wrap food served even though the main event is in progress.

Flickering his wallet in his hand, one hand of this guest was busy holding the plastic he was carrying while his other hand was busy putting the cakes served. Taking such a large amount of cake even made the video recorder shocked by the events that were in front of his eyes.

“Ma’am, there’s no opponent, really,” wrote the account @aayurahayuu who directly saw the incident and had time to capture the moment.

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Whoops!  This mother is even busy packing food at the weddingIt looks like a female guest is busy wrapping food even though the main event is in progress. Photo: Says

This guest’s eccentric action also made many people who saw the video get emotional. This is because all the cakes they serve are put in a plastic bag and it looks almost empty.

When uploaded, the video was even viewed more than 1 million times. Tens of thousands of users liked the content and thousands of comments responded to the disgraceful action of guests who were busy cooking food.

“All you can wrap this? Many mothers in Malaysia are like this. Sometimes, the event is not finished but has wrapped all the food without the permission of the host,” wrote the @onedreng account.

“When the event is over, you can bring it, you can wrap it. If you don’t wrap it, it will be thrown away, it’s better to take it home,” said Rogayah Ghani.

In Indonesia, the act of mothers who often wrap food at an event is even given a special name. Known as the colombus or group of packs.

The moment when the colombus mothers were in action also went viral after being discussed on a Facebook account called Teja. Many netizens share their stories when they see mothers who are wrap food even until the entire brownie cake served was gone.

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