Whoops! This Michelin Chef Boycotts Female Customers Who Give Bad Reviews


A woman is known to be dissatisfied with Oheem’s restaurant to the point of writing a bad review on TripAdvisor. The Michelin-star chef as the owner of this restaurant finally boycotted the woman’s arrival at another time.

The TripAdvisor platform is known as a prestigious medium where ratings or ratings for hotels and restaurants are considered very influential. Many places listed on TripAdvisor are vying for the best ratings through their customer reviews.

It is not uncommon for customers who receive bad service to get angry on this platform. Not just one, but several restaurants have been in conflict with customers because of reviews TripAdvisor.

A restaurant in Birmingham is one of them. Receiving bad reviews from a woman who claimed to have been to this restaurant, she blasphemed Opheem’s restaurant and made the chef boycott her next visit.

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Ordering food, a woman claimed to be dissatisfied and gave a bad review on TripAdvisor. Photo: Birmingham Mail

Quoting the Birmingham Mail (1/2), a chef whose restaurant won a Michelin-star named Aktar Islam cursed someone in the comments column TripAdvisor. He was annoyed after seeing reviews that said Opheem, his restaurant, was not friendly to customers and said he would never come back to the restaurant.

Chef Islam was also angry when the customer admitted that he was only given a choice of peas after asking to replace the beef contained in his order. The woman also admitted that she ordered a menu for Rp. 2.2 million but did not get satisfactory service.

“While ordering we explained that we had restrictions on some foods, that day we told the restaurant workers for the main course menu not to use beef and replace it. We got our main menu replaced with peas. We really couldn’t believe it ,” wrote the woman’s review.

Seeing this review, chef Islam was furious because he thought it was not possible to change the main ingredients without prior planning. Chef Islam who saw the review then immediately replied to it through the same comment column.

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Give this woman a bad review, Michelin-star restaurant boycottedDisappointed with the bad reviews, chef Aktar Islam boycotted women who gave bad reviews on TripAdvisor. Photo: Birmingham Mail

“We will always try our best but we can’t suddenly get the rabbit out of the hat. In this case we can’t suddenly switch to lamb or chicken,” wrote chef Islam.

Chef Islam also explained to the media that his restaurant is not a ‘Ready Steady Cook’ show like on television which can cook suddenly at the same time. His team couldn’t suddenly cook ingredients that weren’t previously provided in the restaurant kitchen just to fulfill one guest’s wish.

“In this case, the reviewer did not inform you that he cannot eat beef when ordering and we have tried to accommodate his needs very well by providing an alternative ingredient that we serve. It would not be correct to say we served peas while we never did. serving peas,” Islamic chef class.

Although it immediately received a Michelin star a year after Opheem opened, chef Islam said this fine-dining restaurant is not a place that can serve menus on the spur of the moment. It takes a curation process to taste so that the menu can be presented perfectly. At the end of his statement, the already emotional chef Islam also confirmed that his restaurant would never accept the woman’s arrival again.

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