Whoops! This Food Delivery ‘Caught’ CCTV Is Devouring Pizza Customers


Dishonest acts done by some people food delivery person. This time a pizza delivery man was caught on CCTV eating his customer’s food.

Some food delivery men are dishonest because they don’t deliver the customer’s food properly. These elements are certainly detrimental to customers who have paid for their food in full.

Not a few of these naughty people were also caught doing dishonest behavior. Feeling so safe and as if no one was watching, in fact their actions could be done unconsciously by surveillance cameras.

Starting from people around who were suspicious of his actions and had recorded it to those who were not aware that his actions were recorded by CCTV. A similar incident was experienced by a family in England.

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Ordered pizza online, this guy got a pizza with a broken seal. Photo: Daily Mail

Quoting the Daily Mail (22/2), a family was shocked when they found out that their pizza order arrived bitten. A man named Stuart Knight accidentally ordered pizza through Pizza Express as a dinner menu to be enjoyed with his lover and three children.

While taking his pizza order, the 46-year-old realized that the seal on his pizzas had been broken before they were opened. When viewed from the contents of their food is not intact.

Stuart only got four pieces of garlic bread out of a full size of 16 pieces. Even part of the bread had been dipped in the complementary sauce.

Action food delivery person This can be seen clearly through the CCTV in Stuart’s yard. Sitting in the car, the Just Eat deliveryman was caught munching on the food Stuart ordered.

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Whoops!  This food delivery 'caught' CCTV is eating customer pizzaAfter opening it, it turned out that the contents were incomplete and it was proven through CCTV that the delivery man ate some of the pizza. Photo: Daily Mail

Using evidence in the form of CCTV footage at his home, Stuart reported the incident to the Just Eat company for the actions of one of his workers. It didn’t take long for Just Eat to respond to Stuart’s complaint.

Just Eat immediately apologized and sent a refund for Stuart’s order. Just Eat also continues to investigate what happened to one of its customers.

This is because this is not the first incident experienced by customers who order food online and receive the food not intact. Stuart also said that other customers who have experienced the same thing should take firm action so that the perpetrators are processed and do not harm others.

Stuart was so disappointed after paying Rp 614 thousand for food to get two margherita pizzas and two servings of complementary menus but only received four complementary menus and his pizza only had eight pieces per serving. It’s not just a matter of loss, Stuart also complains about the danger that threatens to be caused by the touch of a hand food delivery person especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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