Whoa! These are the 5 Spicy Mercon Oseng, the sting feels like a test of guts


Steady spicy, dish of stir-fried firecrackers typical of Yogyakarta is on the rise. Many places to eat extra spicy oseng firecrackers that feel like a test of guts.

The sting of spicy taste from food is actually sought after by many people, especially spicy food fans who cannot escape the hot and spicy sensation of this dish. In addition to chicken penyet, seblak to spicy noodles.

There is a typical firecracker stir fry from Yogyakarta. This stir fry, which uses tetelan, beef and beef koyor, is prepared with red cayenne pepper as the main ingredient. Not only popular in Yogyakarta, in several other big cities there are even many places to eat roasted firecrackers.

Even some places to eat firecracker stir-fry is dubbed the place to test your guts. Because the visitors must be ready to test their nerves to feel the spicy sting of the tongue and lips in every bite.

Here are some recommendations for places to eat the spiciest firecrackers.

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1. Oseng Mercon Bu Narti

Oseng Mercon Rp 10 thousand at this place Photo: Instagram

Yogyakarta is famous for its various night culinary tours. One of them is the roadside culinary that has become a prima donna, Bu Narti’s Oseng-oseng Mercon. As the name implies, namely Oseng-oseng Mercon, this food is known to be very spicy, but the spiciness actually makes people willing to queue to be able to eat on the roadside.

Only hot white rice accompanied by stir fry which contains gravel, lard, skin, and young bones. The people of Yogyakarta call it koyoran. It looks very oily, plus the cayenne pepper slices are surrounded by the seeds sticking to the koyoran.

For the price of stir-fry merco, it is quite affordable for the contents of the wallets of tourists visiting the city of Yogyakarta. The price ranges from Rp. 23 thousand, for the price of drinks ranging from Rp. 3 thousand to Rp. 5 thousand.

Even though it’s simple, visitors must be prepared to withstand the spicy taste of Bu Narti’s stir fry firecrackers, which is unexpected. This has been proven by many YouTubers, food vloggers and culinary enthusiasts who have nominated Bu Narti’s spicy oseng firecracker to be the most spicy in Yogyakarta.

2. Fry Mercon

Drool and crave to eat fried firecrackers that are spicy, delicious and make you sweat? You can stop by the Oseng-oseng Mercon food stall which is located right in front of the East MNC TV building. It’s gone viral here, because a well-known food vlogger, Nex Carlos, has visited.

The menu offered, of course, is oseng firecracker with cayenne pepper and an abundant spicy oil gravy. Then complementary menus such as roasted duck, fried duck, grilled and fried chicken, additional chili paste and green chili sauce.

Even though the location is in Jakarta, it is guaranteed that the roasted firecracker taste is no less delicious and just as spicy as the roasted firecrackers sold in the Yogyakarta area. Extremely spicy savory is the mainstay. The price range is also cheap from only Rp. 20,000.

3. Oseng Mercon Sarijadi

Who says that in Bandung there is no place to eat delicious roasted firecrackers? Just stop by at Oseng Mercon Sarijadi in the Sarijadi area. This restaurant specializes in serving extra spicy oseng firecrackers with other complementary menus that are no less delicious.

Here the mainstay menu is extra spicy oseng firecrackers, a portion of which is only Rp. 23,000. Besides that, there are other firecrackers menus, you know, such as tofu firecrackers, and claw firecrackers which are no less spicy. Not only pampered with all-round firecrackers.

This restaurant offers a complete menu of Indonesian food. From fried rice, grenade grilled chicken, catfish pecel, chicken soup and many more. The price is also still affordable from IDR 10,000 only.

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