When Green Canyon River Water Turns Brown


Pangandaran has one of the interesting tourist destinations to visit, namely Green Canyon. It’s no longer green, but the river water is brown.

The location of Green Canyon is in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency. If you go there, get ready to be hit by curiosity to explore it.

This is evident from the group of tourists from Bandung who came to the location today, Sunday (27/2/2022). Even though the condition of the river which was originally clear is now brown, it did not dampen their enthusiasm.

The Green Canyon tourist attraction itself is famous for the color of the Cijulang River water which seems green but is actually clear. This is coupled with the beauty of the scenery along the river path.

However, at this time due to the weather and soil erosion in the highlands of the Pangandaran region, the river water has become dark brown in color. However, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of this group of tourists to keep exploring the beauty of Green Canyon.

One member of the family gathering group, Ali Idris (46) said that a vacation to Green Canyon is a self-healing option because nature tourism is more fun. Body rafting is also an option to unwind this weekend.

Tourists waiting for the boat to go to Green Canyon. Photo: Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikJabar

“Yes, even though we are no longer lucky, but we are already here, we will continue body rafting,” he said. Sunday (27/2/2022).

Regarding the condition of the brown river water, that is not a problem. He still wanted to satisfy his curiosity. Because, yearly along the Cijulang River has a pleasant view in the eye.

“Hopefully only the river is brown, because our goal is to go to Green Canyon, which is said to be beautiful and exotic,” he added.

Green Canyon or familiarly called Cukang Taneuh has been popular as a challenging natural tourist destination. The reason is, tourists who enter Green Canyon can do activities such as boating, body rafting, swimming, and down the Cijulang river.

The atmosphere at the Cijulang River pier.The atmosphere at the Cijulang River pier. Photo: Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikJabar

Local residents say that if the color of the river in the Green Canyon area turns brown, it’s not unusual. However, the color does not indicate a danger signal.

“During the rainy season, it is normal for the river to be brown in color, but it does not make tourists cancel their intention to go to Green Canyon,” said Helpi, one of the tour guides.

“It looks scary, but don’t worry. If the water flow is still safe, tourists can still continue the journey to Green Canyon, body rafting, and swimming,” he said.

The Green Canyon body rafting service provider provides complete personal protective equipment such as helmets and buoys. Tourists can choose the attractions to do in Green Canyon, such as just taking a boat to pier 2, body rafting, swimming and jumping from the umbrella rock.

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