When Fashion Shows Collaborate with Metaverse Indonesia

JAKARTA Fashion Week or JFW as an annual fashion week which is held in Jakarta and is one of the leading fashion events in Southeast Asia in collaboration with PT WIR Asia Tbk, a pioneer company based on augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) . Both of them initiated the first fashion show to appear on Metaverse Indonesia.

The collaboration plan is contained in a memorandum of understanding signed by GCM Group CEO and JFW Chairwoman Svida Alisjahbana with WIR Asia Tbk Chief Marketing Officer Gupta Sitorus in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/4). Metaverse is a virtual world where users can shop, socialize, take part in activities, trade, recreation, and learn in that virtual reality.

According to Svida Alisjahbana, the collaboration between JFW and WIR Group will drive the transformation of the fashion industry into the digital world further and better. According to him, Indonesian creative and fashion industry players have the same capabilities as similar industry players abroad. However, the problem is opportunity.

Now the presence of the metaverse opens that barrier. All Indonesian fashion industry players can enter the international market. Efforts to marry Indonesia’s creative industry with digital metaverse technology will open the widest possible access for the Indonesian fashion industry to penetrate the international market. Through the Metaverse platform, it will also present opportunities and opportunities for these industry players to do business internationally with consumers globally through advances in digital technology which was also developed by Indonesian children.

“This is not the first time we are present in the virtual world. Before stepping on the metaverse, JFW adapted to the demands of the times through a series of Virtual Fashion Shows in 2020-2021. With the presence of Metaverse Indonesia, of course, there will be many benefits, not only for the fashion industry but also the industry. creative Indonesia in this borderless digital world,” said Svida.

JFW also continues to develop the O2O (Online to Offline) concept through a see now buy now approach which can be re-listened to during the 2022 Ramadan Fashion Festival, April 7 to be exact. Not only focusing on fashion performances, JFW seeks to develop the fashion industry in a comprehensive and sustainable manner through the Indonesia Fashion Forward program. JFW has also intensively developed the Fashionlink retail platform to continue to encourage creative business movements, especially in the fashion sector.

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Gupta Sitorus emphasized that this collaboration is a form of trust from the Indonesian industry in the WIR Group as a leading technology company. “This is what makes us always motivated to continue to develop innovations to provide technological solutions for various sectors in order to face challenges in this borderless digital era,” said Gupta.

Gupta hopes that the collaboration between WIR Group and JFW in Metaverse Indonesia will encourage various parties to follow the same path. The advancement of digital metaverse technology is a necessity. In the future, the readiness of all parties is needed so that in addition to being able to always be ready to follow technological developments as well as use it to obtain broad benefits. “With the expertise and experience of the WIR Group, we provide the best solutions for clients at home and abroad to contribute to the development of the digital economy in Indonesia,” said Gupta. (RO/OL-14)

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