WhatsApp Strengthens Privacy Features in Profile Section to Video Calls

The social networking application WhatsApp strengthens privacy features for the profile section to video calls to better support its service.

Previously, WhatsApp was known in 2021 to develop users to have a feature to hide profile photos, “last seen” statuses, and “about” from certain people even though they were on their contact list.

The feature has actually been tested in beta features, but the latest feature has finally been released globally for both iOS and Android users.

Launching GSM Arena, Saturday, this is a privacy-related feature that has experienced a good improvement from the Meta subsidiary.

Until now, you have three privacy options for your profile photo, last seen, and About info consisting of “Everyone”, “My contacts”, and “Nobody”.

Now the option has increased to “My contacts except …” and not only works to hide profile photos, “last seen”, and “about” but also to hide your WhatsApp status.

It’s worth noting that if you enable this feature and don’t share your last view with others, you won’t be able to see their activity like read receipts either.

The only difference is that you can still contact the contact including in the group chat.

To enable this feature, you can go to Settings > Account > WhatsApp Privacy on iPhone and Android devices to try out these new privacy controls.

Apart from rolling out the new privacy controls extensively, WhatsApp has also announced several group video calling features.

WhatsApp brings a feature to “mute” other members if it turns out that someone forgot to turn off the microphone.

In addition, now you can send messages to the other party while making the call. (Ant/OL-12)

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