WhatsApp Prepares Voicemail Record Control Update for Android

WHATSAPP is reportedly preparing better controls for Android users in terms of recording voice messages to make it more convenient to use.

Previously, if a user wanted to send a voice message and made an error, the user had to redo the message from the beginning and discard the failed message.

However, with the update via better controls, Android users can pause voice messages with Pause and resume recording them so that voice messages that need to be paused don’t need to be deleted or restarted from the beginning.

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Launching XDA Developers, Thursday (3/3), the feature is now found in WhatsApp Beta version for Android and is expected to be released in a more stable and global version.

Thus, this feature can be a better alternative when users send voice messages.

Actually, this feature already exists on the iOS and desktop versions of WhatsApp but of course it would be better if this feature was also provided to WhatsApp users on the Android service.

In addition to the pause feature for voice messages, the latest WhatsApp also updates for users who are in a group to make follow-up video calls if they were left behind.

This feature can already be used in the stable version for WhatsApp users on both Android and iOS. (Ant/OL-1)