What is NFT and How Can It Change the World?

IN 2021, even people who hate museums, and people who can’t tell the difference between Manet and Monet are now becoming interested in art.

Lately, we often hear breaking news: A digital image or meme has been auctioned for NFT tokens or Non-fungible Tokens.

Celebrities create NFTs and sell them for huge profits. The world of art has entered a new era, and now we are on the road to that era.

Many artists created NFT, because platform NFT is very easy to earn money, as well as to protect copyright.

At the same time, the platform also allows its users to collect digital content and derive value from their assets.

Now any artist can sell not only digital images for money, but animated GIFs, videos, and memes too.

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All these changes, changed the traditional arts industry. Let’s dive deeper into what all this means, and how NFT is shaping the future of digital art.

The NFT market is growing, it’s time to join

You may be wondering where NFT came from, and why has it become so popular lately? There are several reasons that cause many people in this world to hunt pixels or mere JPG.

One of the reasons for the booming trend of NFT is the increasing trend of cryptocurrency. The other reason is – the emergence clubhouse which is very helpful – users to discuss NFT and indirectly increase its popularity.

And lastly – famous celebrities and artists who participate in the art community.

Even though Clubhouse’s popularity has dropped drastically, NFT doesn’t seem to be fading. According to Chainalysis, by the end of 2021, the global NFT market will reach a value of at least 40.9 Billion Dollars.

Purchasing NFT tokens entitles a person to own a digital object on the internet: a gif, image, photo, audio, or any file that he purchases.

And the value of the object varies from a dime (penny) to tens of also dollars. For example, a collage of 5,000 “Everydays” by digital artist Mike Winkelman, also known as Beeple, was bid for in the hundreds of dollars, and has reached the figure of 69.35 million dollars.

Until recently, many digital artists had earned the majority of their money from “commission work” and they very rarely became a real artist. Besides, there is no place for them to sell their art. The advent of all the NFT platforms shows that artists can create NFTs and create real works of art that many people want.

Artwork has been an invested asset for a long time: Art lovers, collectors, or investors will buy it, and they will see the market value of how the artwork is appreciated, they will auction it off, or sell it for a profit.

The same business model is also implemented in digital artwork supported by NFT. With the demand and supply for digital art on the rise, more art galleries and auction houses are turning into venues trading NFT.

There are also trading platforms NFT and Marketplace NFT where an artist (artist) can create NFT directly from their art for them to sell.

How to benefit from NFT through Liquidifty

Liquidifty is a cross-chain marketplace NFT and launchpand which focuses on usability in a project, and collections. Liquidifty offers many interesting events, as well as investment tools in crypto such as INO, IDO, Airdrops, and so on.

This platform has interface which allows users to buy and sell not only NFTs, but also to create NFTs, and market them with the help of our team.

Liquidifty allows you to buy and sell NFT from the BNB chain, and will soon be implemented for Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche and others.

They also developed a cross chain oracles which makes it possible to analyze NFT prices in different blockchains, and perform price estimates for each NFT owned by a user.

The highest ranked NFT collections on the platform include GameFi projects such as Drunk Robots, and Cyber ​​City, as well as the Gaming Guild Skill Guilds, as well as the NFT Launchpad Equinox.

Artist (artist) can easily create NFT collections and register them with Liquidifty. All assets are traded in BNB, Liquidifty (LQT) and Metal.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity with NFT

Regarding the concept of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the world of art, it can be concluded that NFT is currently demonstrating its promising potential and becoming the future of the art world.

But the use of NFT is not limited to the ownership of the artwork. There’s a lot more to it than that, such as its very wide use in various other industries, such as online gaming, live events, virtual reality, and much more.

All NFT platforms are vast platforms for making profit, and you can learn and read more about them.
With the advent of the digital future, the development of crypto-art, and the creation of many more interesting objects into the NFT marketplace, it is very possible. (RO/OL-09)

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