What a shame! These 5 Food Vendors Lose After His Cart Falls Away


A sad incident was experienced by several food sellers who had to be willing to lose because cart the food falls. The food they brought spilled and fell apart.

Recently, netizens were irritated by the presence of unscrupulous meatball sellers who pretended to fall in order to attract the sympathy of the residents. This meatball seller was caught on a CCTV camera accidentally dropping himself along with a motorbike carrying his meatballs.

Instead of getting sympathy from the residents, this meatball seller was even criticized by netizens. Even though there have been several incidents of food vendors having accidents so that the cart actually fell and the food spilled all over the place.

Not only suffered injuries, these food traders also had to swallow the sadness of having to bear the loss. Spilled food can’t be sold. Not to mention the condition of the cart which is usually damaged.

Here are some food vendors who had accidents that caused the cart to fall:

1. The seller of acting meatballs fell

A meatball seller who claimed to be from Bandung managed to grab the public’s attention. He was caught on CCTV cameras while pretending to fall. Instead of getting sympathy from the residents, this meatball seller actually flooded netizens with blasphemy.

In the viral CCTV footage, a meatball seller riding a motorbike can be seen walking around a residential area. When passing at the T-junction, this meatball seller dropped himself and his motorbike cart.

There were some meatballs and gravy scattered on the road. It turned out that this action was carried out to deceive and hope for mercy so that the local people gave him money. Spilled meatballs have also been prepared in a bucket, not a pan.

What a shame! These 5 Food Vendors Lose After Their Carts Fall apart Photo: instagram @egoandriano

2. The meatball cart fell

A man selling meatballs could only stare at his cart which suddenly fell. In a CCTV footage, a woman and a small child are seen buying meatballs on the side of the road.

Not long after, this meatball cart suddenly fell, causing all the meatballs and other accompaniments to be spilled all over the place. Unable to do much, this meatball seller could only surrender and stare at his fallen cart. This video had gone viral and invited netizen comments.

3. The meatball cart fell after being hit by a truck

a cart the meatball suddenly fell after being hit by a truck. The incident which was recorded and shared by egoandriano immediately attracted attention. Hundreds of meatballs, gravy, bowls and even the sauce in this meatball cart were spilled all over the place.

What made this meatball seller even more sad, he admitted that he had just left the house and had not yet received a customer. Several people at the scene seemed to help clean up this meatball cart. Some of them gave money to compensate the meatball seller’s losses.

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