Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth II’s Final Resting Place


Westminster Abbey will be Queen Elizabeth II’s final resting place before being buried. This historic church has been around since 960 AD.

If calculated from 2022, the Westminster Abbey church is 1,062 years old. For the size of a church, Westminster Abbey is extraordinary because it has survived more than 1 Millennium (1,000 Years).

Westminster Abbey has also witnessed important historical events for the Important Royal Family, from the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the coronation of the king and most recently being the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth II.

Compiled by detikTravel from several sources, Friday (9/9/2022), Westminster Abbey itself has an area of ​​​​about 3,000 square meters. This gothic-style church can accommodate up to thousands of worshipers.

With two towers that soar to 69 meters high, Westminster Abbey is 31 meters high and is equipped with 10 bells. This church was originally built in honor of Saint Peter.

Westminster Abbey Church has been converted into a COVID-19 vaccination center in the UK. Thousands of vaccines for British citizens are provided in the historic building. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP

Westminster Abbey is also a cemetery for more than 3,300 people. Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey will be the first British royal funeral since 1760.

Elizabeth was the first member of the British Empire to have her funeral at Westminster Abbey in 262 years. Previously, there were 30 British kings and queens who had been buried there.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession will take place over the next 10 days. After Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth will be buried in the Windsor Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle.

He is buried in the same place as his father, King George VI, his mother Queen Elizabeth and his younger sister, Princess Margaret.

In addition, Elizabeth’s funeral will coincide with her late husband, Prince Philip. Prince Philip was originally buried in the Royal Vault of St. Chapel. George will be transferred to the Windsor Memorial Chapel.

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