Welcoming the 11.11 Moment, TikTok Shop Shopping Center Offers Promo

For netizens in Indonesia, twin dates are always the most awaited moment to make online shopping transactions. With the exception of 11.11, +62 netizens will be able to enjoy abundant promos and attractive offers from various merchants as well as being able to interact through entertaining live streaming in the TikTok Shop Shopping Center feature.

Shopping Center is the latest feature developed by TikTok Shop that allows users to enjoy a shopping experience that is different from other e-commerce. In this feature, users are introduced to the concept of shoppertainment. Business people can provide entertainment (entertainment first) before inviting users to make transactions in their stores (e-commerce second). This concept opens two-way direct interaction between sellers (merchants) and application users (buyers) to obtain information and reviews related to a product along with special promos offered in one Shop tab on TikTok.

“By carrying the shoppertainment concept, we want to make the shopping experience at TikTok Shop Shopping Center very enjoyable. Buyers not only choose products from various existing merchants, but they are also entertained by watching live streaming from various brands that sell in a different way. creative and interactive,” said a representative for TikTok Shop Indonesia.

TikTok Shop Shopping Center provides users with a personalized shopping experience because they can offer products according to their interests and habits. Hence, users can easily find suitable products at best prices. These various advantages make the products sold by merchants become very popular in a short time. As happened in the 10.10 campaign last month, Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) or the accumulated value of purchases from users on TikTok Shop skyrocketed to 148%. The Shopping Center feature contributed 17.7% to this achievement.

Scarlett Whitening and Dunia Fashion88, two brands participating in TikTok Shop Shopping Center. in the 10.10 campaign and shared his successful experiences and strategies. In the 10.10 event, Scarlett Whitening managed to increase her GMV by 221.3% with TikTok Shop Shopping Center’s contribution reaching 10.3% in the 3-10 October period. Scarlett Whitening also provides competitive prices for its products at 10.10, works closely with creators on the TikTok Shop, and actively conducts live sessions and also uses Live Streaming Ads (LSA).

For Dunia Fashion88, a merchant that offers imported women’s shoes, TikTok Shop Shopping Center is an online shopping platform that understands young people the most. Dunia Fashion88 also appreciates TikTok Shop Indonesia’s commitment in supporting business actors, especially local brands, to further expand market reach and help increase attractiveness for consumers. To reach young people on TikTok Shop, Dunia Fashion88 uses the short video feature and usually uploads 1-2 content per day. These merchants also activate flash sales during live streaming which they use for their best seller products. In addition, they create gimmicks like the 50K Price Shoe in their flash sales, making live sessions more interesting and bringing higher sales opportunities.

In November, to enliven the 11.11 campaign, TikTok Shop Shopping Center will offer various promos when users can get the best prices from the 3C category, such as computers/IT, communication technology, and consumer electronics, as well as free shipping coupons. In addition, users will have the opportunity to take part in flash sales of smartphone products starting from Rp. 11,000 and other electronic products from Rp. 1,111.

“We hope that the 11.11 campaign in the TikTok Shop Shopping Center will also be a moment that strengthens the synergy between TikTok Shop and business actors, especially local brands to continue to advance and develop together,” added the TikTok Shop Indonesia Representative. To learn more about Shopping Center features, brand success stories, and how brands are growing their business on TikTok and TikTok Shop, please visit https://seller-id.tiktok.com/. (RO/OL-14)

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