Welcoming Chinese New Year, Sukabumi Has a New Thematic Tour: Odeon Kampoeng Naga!


To welcome Chinese New Year, Sukabumi City will have a new tourist destination called Odeon Kampoeng Naga. There are temples that are more than 100 years old, you know!

Tourist areas in the Sukabumi City area are still relatively small. The main tourist icon that currently exists is the integrated area of ​​the Merdeka Square and Field.

The good news is that the Sukabumi local government in collaboration with the community will build a thematic village tourism area with the name Odeon Kampoeng Naga. The area will be transformed into a new tourist destination for tourists visiting Sukabumi City.

One of the management representatives, Ariefin Natawijaya, said that the plan to form Odeon Kampoeng Naga had actually been around since 2021. His party has pocketed six Decrees (SK) from the Youth, Sports and Tourism Office (Disporapar) of Sukabumi City.

“Only early January we were able to determine the steps to carry out the inauguration, now on the 29th we juxtapose it with the Lunar New Year because it’s three days before the Lunar New Year,” said Arief when met by AFP a few moments ago.

New tourist destinations in Sukabumi Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

Odeon Kampoeng Naga, he said, will later be decorated with permanent lanterns with the main icon of the Widhi Sakti Vihara. The slum area around the monastery will be renovated and used as a place for MSMEs for education, culinary, culture and art.

For education, it will be filled with the history of Vihara Widhi Sakti which was established for more than a century. Meanwhile, the arts that will be used are puppets which are held once a year and culinary delights will be presented from MSME residents of Odeon.

Ariefin said, in addition to reviving the tourist area in Sukabumi City, Odeon Kampoeng Naga is also present to improve the community’s economy.

“As for the long-term goal, we hope that it will be better organized later. We hope that we can feel at home and feel comfortable so that in the end (the economy) of the residents of Odeon can improve. Later we will try to preserve the old buildings that we can highlight it to the tourists,” he explained.

New tourist destination in SukabumiNew tourist destinations in Sukabumi Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

During the inauguration, there will be approximately 30 MSMEs present and at the same time enliven the Chinese New Year with a total of approximately 36 booths. In addition, there will be entertainment in the arts of angklung, sukuraga and others.

“For the bazzar event later, we have worked together to show entertainment such as Sukuraga, Angklung, so we can reach local ones too, which can certainly bring goodness to the people of Odeon,” he said.

In the future, he said, the Sukabumi City Government also plans to build a wider pedestrian area so that from the city center to Odeon Kampoeng Naga it can be accessed on foot.

“Right now, we have no idea what it’s like, only the picture is like in Braga Bandung, Malioboro if in Jogja, like that,” he concluded.

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