Waterboom Taman Cinta, a Fresh Water Playground in Singkawang


Singkawang turns out to have a water boom, the name is Taman Cinta. There is a separate story why the name was chosen by the owner. Curious about the story? Come on!

Singkawang not only has a monastery, but there is also a water park. Waterboom Taman Cinta, as Singkawang residents know this destination. The location is on Jalan Raya Pajintan, East Singkawang, Singkawang.

detikTravel visited Taman Cinta some time ago and took the time to chat with the owner, Sento Tanoro. Several years ago, Sento never thought of making a Garden of Love. It all started by accident.

“Initially there was no swimming pool here. In the past, there were still ex-mining pits, lakes. There is no land here. But in the end, we slowly woke up,” said Sento to detikTravel.

Until 2016, Taman Cinta started its soft opening. At that time it was not like it is now. There is even a part of the swimming pool that has not been completed, but visitors have started to arrive.

Waterboom Taman Cinta Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Right in March 2017, this destination was finally inaugurated by the Mayor of Singkawang at that time. When Taman Cinta opened, visitors would queue up and cause traffic jams.

But that was then. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the number of visitors has decreased dramatically. But now the situation has started to improve.

“We closed for one month in 2021. The decline is up to 70%, only 30% is left. Now it has started to increase Saturday-Sunday to 400-500 people,” said Sento

Love Park WaterboomWaterboom Taman Cinta Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Besides having a swimming pool, Taman Cinta also provides lodging. For those who stay here, they can swim at will in the existing swimming pool. Per night, the room rental price is only IDR 400 thousand.

Regarding the name Taman Cinta, Sento admitted that he did not give it that name. Initially, this destination was only known as Gunung Poteng Waterboom because of its location close to Mount Poteng.

Love Park WaterboomSento Tanoro Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

The one who gave the name Taman Cinta, according to Sento, was Singkawang culturalist, Norman Bong. At that time, he uploaded a photo of this waterboom on his Facebook and called the place the Garden of Love.

Since then, this waterboom has been named Waterboom Taman Cinta. In addition, according to Sento’s story, there used to be an employee who took the initiative to create a garden with the symbol of love. At first there was one, then there was a pair. Therefore it is called the Garden of Love.

“But believe it or not, an employee who has worked here, if he is a widow, he will have a mate, you know. This is true,” Sento joked.

Sento, who used to run a sewing machine business in Jakarta, has now settled in Singkawang and is taking care of the water boom he made. As a local man, he built this tourist destination to advance his hometown.

Travelers who want to swim and travel in Taman Cinta, the entry ticket price is IDR 40,000 per person. This waterboom is open from 07.00 am to 18.00 WIB.

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