Wash Your Eyes in Bali, Let’s Play in the Jatiluwih Rice Fields


Vacation to Bali, try to come to Jatiluwih Village in Penebel District. There the traveler can see views of green rice fields.

Jatiluwih is suitable as a place for refreshing. Give yourself space to take a break from your daily routine.

The vast expanse of rice fields can at least be a relief to the eyes. Especially for those who work in front of a computer monitor screen every day.

Bike tours in Jatiluwih Bali. Photo: Ari Saputra

Visitors can also walk along the rice fields while breathing in the cool air of Jatiluwih on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Hiking activities can also be done, generally in the upper area of ​​Jatiluwih with a start or finish point consisting of several places.

“In addition to enjoying the view of the rice fields, visitors can also do other tourist activities such as cycling or hiking,” said Jatiluwih Tourist Attraction Operations Manager, I Nengah Sutirtayasa.

To perform this activation, visitors usually book together with the accommodation. There are also tourist agencies that offer these tourist activities.

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