Want to Enjoy Chinese New Year in Sukabumi? Odeon Kampoeng Naga the place to be


Ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Sukabumi City has a new tourist area with a Chinatown concept, Odeon Kampoeng Naga.

Chinatown or Kampung China is an area inhabited by immigrants from China marked by houses of worship and markets.

In Sukabumi City, the Chinatown area was officially designated as a thematic village area named ‘Odeon Kampoeng Naga.’ The use of the name is pinned because the main tourist icon is the Vihara Widhi Sakti which has been standing for more than a century.

Red lanterns hung along the street. On the right and left of the road stand bazzar stands for food, drinks, accessories and others.

The location is on Jalan Pajagalan, Nyomplong Village, Warudoyong District, Sukabumi City. The area is adjacent to Pelita Market, Sukabumi City Square and Ahmad Yani pedestrian.

New tourist destinations in Sukabumi Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

In addition to the icon of the monastery, the area also has other attractions. For example, for cultural arts there is a wayang kutehi performance which is held only at certain moments. This year, the puppet show will be held in April.

Initially, the area was proposed as a tourist destination by the people who are members of the Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group). One of the Pokdarwis administrators, Arieffin Natawijaya, said that the elements of Sapta Pesona in the Odeon Kampoeng Naga area became a public attraction.

“Odeon Kampoeng Naga has a strategic role in developing and managing the potential of natural and cultural wealth owned by the Nyomplong Village (community),” said Arief, Saturday (29/1/2022).

He said that in ancient times Odeon was the name of the cinema on Jalan Pelabuhan which was established in 1911. Then, on June 13, 1925, a great fire occurred which destroyed 17 houses and the cinema building.

“Even so, the name Odeon is still attached to the area which today is called Jalan Pajagalan. It was in the Odeon area that in 1910 a temple called Vihara Widhi Sakti was established which is the main attraction in Odeon,” he said.

The tourist area is considered to already have very complete facilities ranging from hotels, culinary arts, puppet arts and shopping centers.

New tourist destination in SukabumiNew tourist destinations in Sukabumi Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

Even though it is located in the Chinatown area, the culinary that is sold is halal and legendary. In the future, a Chinese museum will be built to add a tourist attraction at Odeon Kampoeng Naga.

Odeon Kampoeng Naga adds a row of free tours for tourists visiting Sukabumi City. Previously, Sukabumi City had free tours of the integrated area of ​​the Merdeka Square and Field.

Sukabumi Mayor Achmad Fahmi added, Odeon Kampoeng Naga is also one of the efforts to restore the community’s economy. It is hoped that residents can take advantage of this moment to revive MSMEs as well as attract tourists.

He admitted, with the current geographical location, Sukabumi City does not have the potential for natural tourism. However, he said, there is still potential for artificial tourism, one of which is through thematic villages and walking tours through integrated pedestrians.

“This means that we can generate the local people’s economy, secondly, attracting outsiders when they come to Sukabumi City can travel safely and comfortably,” said Fahmi.

“We want how there is a walking tour, the Ahmad Yani area and several other roads so that it is integrated with historical building tours,” he concluded.

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