Virtual Reality mLight Enters the Asian Market and Comes to the VR Showroom

As the number of clients from all over the world grows, mLight has been continuously innovating in the field of commercial LED lighting technology since its establishment in 1992.

With high-quality design and manufacturing in Australia, mLight now occupies a new headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, to serve the lighting industry market throughout Asia.

The mLight Virtual Reality LED lighting technology, features the mLlight Touch mobile app: dimming, the sensor even changes the temperature of the light.

Moreover, it can be disassembled and assembled to see why mLight LED products are not just lamps, but also use the latest technology.

“I believe that the only way for us to continue to be at the forefront is to be an innovator, not just a follower.” said George Toth, Founder and Managing Director of mLight in a statement

Virtual Reality Showrooms

For mLight, innovation is their core value. Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, mLight had been using video conferencing to enable more efficient collaboration with clients.

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When the pandemic broke out, face-to-face meetings with clients were finally banned. As a result, a demo of LED products directly in front of the contractor, developers, engineerarchitects, lighting designers, even team members became impossible.

Armed with experience in 3D for application and product design as well as project visualization, the mLight team designed something virtual showrooms which will always be open and active.

“With it, mLight provides the best possible commercial lighting solutions for all types of industries,” said George Toth.

The VR Showroom from mLight is now available for free on the Oculus Home Store. A new concept and a first in the lighting industry,

The VR Showroom from mLight allows users to experience the application interface mobile in full with mLight Touch.

Also with the VR Showroom, users can join up to 20 other users to visit classes, libraries, hospitals, and other VR environments that are almost true to the original.

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This VR Showroom is also designed to maximize other product demos. The VR Showroom is also designed to provide the convenience and efficiency of the mLight mobile application.

“Not only that, the VR Showroom can also be used to train users in maintaining, removing, installing, and getting to know the core components of the Kleo X and Ligera linear LED segments,” said George Toth.

Users can easily connect several linear segments with the m-Connect system, either independently or with the help of mLight staff.

Not only that, users can easily group, adjust colors, adjust brightness, occupancy, and other features according to field needs in a variety of amazing virtual environments.

An Innovation Journey

MLight has expertise in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality linear LED lighting in the commercial, educational, retailand health, from Australia, New Zealand to the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

It’s no wonder that mLight is now a leading pioneer company in this sector.

They have a specialist design team that incorporates the latest innovative technologies in a wide range of affordable extrusion options, as well as options finishing and various profile sizes.

“mLight’s focus on technological innovation will always go hand-in-hand with their commitment to collaborate with clients, starting from the brainstorming stage (brainstorming) until final installation adjustments,” explained Geoge Toth. (RO/OL-09)

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