Viral photos of cheap old school food menus, netizens are immediately jealous


Viral photos of food menus in the 70s and 80s. Netizens immediately envy seeing the very cheap price, compared to the price of food now.

In 1970-1980, food prices were very cheap compared to today’s era. No wonder every time food menus from the past come to the surface, many netizens are surprised and wonder how in the past the price of food could be so cheap.

Like the photo of the food menu shared by the Twitter account @NamanyaDagang (22/02). This account shares photos of three young men with clothing styles that were hits in the 70-80s era. The three of them held banners containing the food menu.

“In the past, my father wasn’t extravagant like you,” the account quipped.

In the photo, the food menu and prices are seen that attract the attention of netizens.

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Like the price of white rice which is only around Rp. 150 silver. Then there is Nasi Rames which costs Rp. 400 silver, then menus such as Soto Babat and Soto Ayam are only Rp. 350.

If you want to eat meatballs first, it’s also cheap, enough for IDR 250 silver, you can eat beef meatballs. Or snack on ketoprak to soto mie which costs the same.

Likewise with the gado-gado menu with young coconut iced rice cake which costs only IDR 250 silver. Seeing this price line, of course, many netizens are envious and surprised to see the comparison of food prices which has skyrocketed now.

Viral Photos of Cheap Old School Food Menus, Netizens Immediately Envy Photo: Twitter/Site News

“That’s why people used to have a lot of land. Because life is economical, it’s not rich, now it’s difficult to buy land, because the cost of living is already quite large,” commented @leo**.

“If all food costs are still at this price, if you want an account with only Rp. 500 thousand, you already feel like a rich person,” commented @ind**

“Now if you buy soto tripe for IDR 350 silver, you only get a spoon, right?” asked @nis** sadly.

However, there are also netizens who argue otherwise, that the price of cheap food occurred before inflation.

“Stop playing around with the prices of things in the past and today. Please, everything is different. Don’t say it’s a bit wasteful, it’s just about buying things that you really use. Sometimes you’re tired of debating because of this, even though you really need these things,” comment @nadin**.

“The nominal is small, but the value is big. If it is given to people who don’t understand, yes, they say anything was cheap in the past,” criticized @kem**.

There is also a comparison of the food menu above, with the price of food at a seafood restaurant in Papua.

“You can’t save money, sir, because you live in Papua,” wrote @terda**.

Complete with a restaurant menu called Rumah Makan Blambangan in the Papua area. Where the price of ordinary fried shrimp is IDR 600 thousand per post, until the lunch box fried shrimp menu per portion costs IDR 1.2 million.

Even though it is full of pros and cons, photos of this old school food menu have gone viral on Twitter. Liked by more than 21.6K users, and got more than 2.3K retweet.

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