viral netizens cook chicken feet like human hands watched 15 png

Viral Netizens Cook Chicken Feet Like Human Hands, Watched 15 Million Times!


Viral video is back on TikTok showing creations chicken feet processed with the appearance of a human hand. The video has been viewed up to 15 million times!

Chicken feet are considered an extreme food for some people in various countries. However, in Indonesia, chicken feet are commonly consumed. Usually it is processed into soup, firecracker seasoning, and chicken noodle topping.

Creation chicken feet in different countries also varies. In South Korea there is a processed claw called dakbal. The chicken feet are separated from the bones, then cooked with spicy gochujang seasoning.

Netizens from China with a TikTok account @ttfdcz also have unique chicken claw preparations. He doesn’t use a lot of spices, but his creation has gone viral on TikTok.

In the video he uploaded (5/2), the TikTok netizen used two chicken feet big size. Then the claw is split into two, so that the shape is wide.

Chicken Feet Like Human Hands Photo: TikTok @ttfdcz

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After that, the claws that have been halved are stabbed with an iron stab. Then roasted over coals.

The TikTok netizen was given oil on both sides while baking. Then, the Chinese netizens also sprinkled salt evenly.

Chicken Feet Like Human HandsChicken Feet Like Human Hands Photo: TikTok @ttfdcz

Another spice used is chili powder. Then baked until the claws turn brown.

At first glance, the appearance of this chicken claw creation looks like a human hand. Many netizens also commented the same thing. No wonder this video has gone viral and has been watched 15 million times.

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Chicken Feet Like Human HandsChicken Feet Like Human Hands Photo: TikTok @ttfdcz

“Similar to human hands, but it looks delicious,” commented netizens.

“The bbq check looks delicious,” said another netizen.

Previously, there had also been a unique barbeque creation using a goat torpedo. The goat torpedo was cleaned first. Then, peeled from the outer skin. The chewy flesh of the torpedo was then cut into pieces several times until it bloomed.

After that, the goat’s torpedo was stabbed using an iron stab. The way to stab it is like making a typical Turkish kebab whose meat is grilled. The seasoning is a typical Turkish spice that has a delicious aroma.

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