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Viral Burger Seller Similar to Korean Actor, Netizens: Halal Version of Park Bo Gum


The story of a food seller who went viral because of his good looks came from Malaysia. A street burger seller is said to look like a famous Korean actor, Park Bo Gum. Here’s the proof!

It is undeniable, the resemblance of a food seller’s face to a famous artist or figure is the main attraction. Moreover, if their figures are disseminated on social media, it is likely that they will immediately go viral along with the food being sold.

In Selangor, Otai Burger Malaysia through its TikTok account (12/3/2022) showcased the figure of a seller in their shop. A salesman was making an order for a burger.

The man was wearing a cap similar to a cap. He was busy turning the burger patty while grilling it. He also mixes eggs on a flat pan. Uniquely, the man imitated Salt Bae’s style of sprinkling salt.

At first glance, the face of the Malaysian Otai Burger seller is just handsome, but when you look closely, there is something different. When he smiles, he looks like the famous Korean actor, Park Bo Gum!

This burger seller in Malaysia has gone viral because it looks like Park Bo Gum. Photo: TikTok otaiburgermalaysia & Says

The Korean drama star ‘Reply 1988’ is famous for his sweet smile. When juxtaposed with Park Bo Gum’s photo with the burger seller, there is indeed a resemblance in his smile. No wonder Otai Burger Malaysia wrote “Park Bo Gum Malaysia” as the photo caption.

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This TikTok Otai Burger Malaysia video has gone viral and has been watched more than 1 million times when this news was written. Thousands of netizens also commented. They were ‘misfocused’ with the figure of ‘Park Bo Gum’ selling burgers.

“Halal version of Park Bo Gum,” said a netizen. “Park Bo Gum (No), Park Bur Ger (Yes),” joked another netizen. “Use a skullcap, cook burgers, smile again~ Note,” said netizens.

For those who are interested in trying Malaysia’s Otai Burger, let alone homemadePark Bo Gum‘, can visit the outlet in Selangor. The exact address is Speedmart Sungai Long 2.

Viral Burger Seller Similar to Korean Actor, Netizens: Halal Version of Park Bo GumThe action of a burger seller is like Park Bo Gum when he sprinkles salt in the style of Salt Bae. Photo: TikTok otaiburgermalaysia & Says

Before a burger seller like Park Bo Gum in Malaysia, in Indonesia, a yellow rice seller similar to Lee Min Ho went viral. The man’s name is Doddy Angga Andriyanto from Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

Doddy’s viral appearance, which looks like Lee Min Ho, started when he uploaded a video selling yellow rice to TikTok. Many netizens saw that he had a resemblance to the actor in the Korean drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’.

Another impact, the yellow rice stall owned by the Doddy family on Jalan Lambung Mangkurat, to be precise in front of alley 7, was increasingly crowded with buyers. Doddy said he had been selling yellow rice since 2020.

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