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Viral again, the richest person in Indonesia eats Tofu Pong, Netizens Praise its simplicity


An old viral photo of one of the richest people in Indonesia eating tofu pong in a simple food stall. Netizens praise its simplicity.

At the end of 2019, the figure of Bambang Hartono who was known as the boss of Djarum and Bank BCA went viral on social media. The viral incident started with a photo of him eating his favorite tofu pong at the Tahu Pong Karangsaru stall, in Semarang.

“He is a loyal customer of Tahu Pong Karangsaru Semarang. Thank you Om Hwie Siang (Michael Bambang Hartono), Big Boss Djarum and BCA,” wrote the owner of the Twitter account @ayudh69 who first went viral.

Three years later, apparently this photo of one of the richest people in Indonesia eating tofu pong has gone viral again.

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“Crazy rich, just keep quiet. Millennials don’t know what it’s like. They know that they are showing off their 8M watches, Lamborghinis, private jets, which turned out to be …” wrote the account @y_yoe01.

Even though it’s an old photo, this tweet was liked by more than 48.5K users in a short time, and got more than 608 replies.

Viral again Indonesia’s richest person eats Tofu Pong, Netizens Praise its simplicity Photo: Twitter/detikFood

Even though it looks normal, the photo of Bambang Hartono eating the legendary tofu pong is enough to attract the attention of netizens. As is known, according to Forbes, Bambang Hartono’s wealth touched USD 26.1 billion or equivalent to Rp. 308.6 trillion. Now he occupies the second position as the richest person in Indonesia according to Forbes Asia.

It is very different from the ‘Crazy Rich’ figure of the millennial generation who is now said to often show off their wealth, with the content of eating tens of millions of rupiah to eat luxurious meals.

Bambang Hartono is known to have subscribed to Tahu Pong Karangsaru for more than 35 years. This restaurant has been established since 1994, and is included in the legendary culinary scene in the city of Semarang.

Viral again, the richest person in Indonesia eats Tofu Pong, Netizens Praise its simplicityTahu Pong Karangsaru Photo: /detikFood

The hallmark of Tahu Pong lies in the shrimp dreadlocks, fried boiled eggs, which are doused in a sweet and spicy sauce. Complements are pickled radishes, and thinly sliced ​​radishes soaked in vinegar and sugar.

The price is also not expensive, for a serving of tofu, pong, dreadlocks, and emplek, dreadlocks, it’s only IDR 27,000. Meanwhile, to know the complete pong is only Rp. 36,000.

In response to this, many netizens praised Bambang Hartono’s simplicity.

“Because people who are really rich, won’t waste time looking for validation,” commented @yel**.

“Those who start from difficulty to success will not be that easy to waste money. Because he knows how difficult it is,” continued @mar**.

“I once ate with rich people in Semarang. I ate full gudeg. Half rice, eggs, chicken and gudeg of course. I only ate eggs, the chicken was still whole. Eh, the boss took dongs, he said, ‘This is not eaten? It’s a shame you know this delicious,’ in my heart, crazy rich people want to also take leftover food,” vented @lin**.

“Hear stories from some people who met him when he was eating tofu pong. Like to treat people who eat there even though they don’t know him. Just salute people who are really rich, simple habits, style adapts to circumstances, very polite and friendly,” concluded @allf**.

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