Vihara in Singkawang with Springs That Can Cure Diseases


In Singkawang, there is a monastery that has a spring that is known to be efficacious. That said, this spring has properties to cure various diseases. Like what?

There are hundreds of temples in Singkawang. Each monastery has its own story and advantages. One of them is Vihara Ci Kung or Ji Gong House of Help.

This monastery is located on Jalan Sagatani, Sijangkung, Singkawang. The monastery stands at the edge of the highway and is very easy to find.

Before entering the monastery, the traveler will be greeted with a large and majestic red gate. Entering again, there is a statue of Sun Go Kong standing on the top floor of the temple.

Inside this monastery complex there is a spring that is said to be able to cure diseases. Many people have come here to ask for healing by drinking the water.

“Many have come here and are cured. All diseases. But all of that goes back to the person. For those who believe it,” said Sutomo, caretaker of the Sinar Abadi Panti Wredha Foundation which stands in the monastery complex, Monday (31/1/2022).

Vihara Ci Kung (Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel)

The spring is located inside the Ci Kung Vihara building. By the manager of the monastery, the spring was made a kind of fountain. Visitors in need may take this holy water.

But never ever to wash your hands in the pool. The management has even attached a paper prohibiting visitors from washing their hands there because the holy water has been blessed by Buddha Ci Kung.

Ci Kung TempleVihara Ci Kung (Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel)

A large Ci Kung Buddha statue is also placed on the main altar of this monastery. Visitors can pray and pray here. There are also places for burning incense or incense at the front of the monastery and on the altar.

According to Sutomo, this monastery has existed since 1981. But actually, the Panti Wredha Sinar Abadi building which is on the right side of the monastery already existed before the monastery.

“This has been around since 1981. It was earlier this orphanage than the monastery. Here there are 26 rooms, with 45 residents. This orphanage is for caring for the neglected elderly, regardless of their religion, all religions are allowed,” explained Sutomo.

Travelers can visit this temple. The manager welcomes travelers of any religion to come visit when they are on vacation in Singkawang.

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