Very Raos! 5 Delicious Culinary Hidden in an Alley in Bandung


Bandung is known as a heaven for delicious culinary. Not only on major roads and malls, but also for places to eat in the alley. If you’re in Bandung, you must stop by!

One of the cities in Indonesia that is a culinary paradise is Bandung. Starting from cart sellers, restaurants, to places to eat hidden in the alley.

delicacy Bandung culinary what is offered in this alley is no less than other places to eat. There are Seblak Teh Ida, Roti Bakar Gang Kote, to the legendary Lontong Kari Kebon Karet.

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1. Enjoyable Gang

Gang Nikmat is one of the delicious culinary delights in Bandung that you must try. Photo: Instagram @gg.nikmat

So far, the restaurant in the alley is known to offer a variety of traditional foods. In contrast to this one place to eat, the menu is more Asian. His name is Gang Nikmat which is located on Jalan Cihapit, Bandung.

Named Gang Nikmat because of its location in a narrow alley. The word ‘delicious’ is an illustration that all the food offered has a delicious taste.

The mainstay menu offered by Gang Nikmat is Chicken Rolls Filled with Salted Eggs. The chicken is super tender and tastes delicious. Also order Spicy Kailan Crispy which is suitable as a sprinkling of warm rice.

2. Seblak Tea Ida

Seblak Cobek Tea Ida, Seblak 'hides' in a bouncy alley in BragaSeblak Cobek Ida’s Tea, Seblak ‘Hidges’ in an alley that bounces in Braga Photo: detikfood

A trip to Braga, Bandung, don’t just stop by the cafe. Also explore a narrow alley called Gang Apandi in Braga, because there is a popular seblak place to eat. Her name is Seblak Teh Ida.

Seblak Ida Tea concoction has its own characteristics. Because before serving, this seblak is pulverized first on a mortar. The vegetables used are also slightly different because they use kale.

A serving of seblak here is offered with prices starting from IDR 7,000, depending on the toppings used. Buyers can also choose a spiciness level of 0 to 10 for a strong spicy.

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