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Very good! This Food Delivery Gives Free Gasoline to Motorists Who Run Out of Gas


Kindness can be done anywhere and anytime. Like this food delivery story that gives free gas to motorists who run out of gas.

Running out of gas in the middle of a quiet road, and at night can be an unpleasant experience and of course panic. This is what happened to a Likendin user named Akshita Changan from India.

Reporting from ECR (09/03), Akshita shared that she and her sister were returning home by motorbike at 12.15 at night.

“Suddenly our motorbike stopped because the gas ran out. It was quiet that night, no other motorists were passing by, only my sister and I were waiting for help on the side of the road,” said Akshita, who works as a Content Writer.

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Soon a food delivery officer passed by on a motorbike in front of them. The food delivery man seemed to be checking the delivery address for his food. They also asked for help to the food delivery man, to give a boost to their motorbike.

“But this food delivery man refused us, because it turned out that he was heading in the opposite direction from us, and he couldn’t be late because he was delivering the customer’s food,” continued Akshita.

Very good! This Food Delivery Gives Free Gasoline to Motorists Who Run Out of Gas Photo: Akshita Changan

But the food delivery guy asked them for an empty drink bottle, because Akshita didn’t have one, the food delivery guy finally took out his drink bottle and threw away the contents of his drinking water. He then poured gasoline from his motorbike into his drink bottle and gave it to Akshita.

“I was very surprised by his act of kindness. He is like an angel without wings, the man is at work delivering food for his buyers, and on the way he is also delivering kindness for us. witnessed it live,” said Akshita.

Akshita mentions that the kind food delivery guy is Roshan Dalvi. Roshan is a food delivery guy, for the online food app Swiggy in India.

This upload went viral on Linkedin, and got many comments from netizens praising Roshan’s kindness.

“Really a good person, salute to Roshan’s act of kindness,” praised one netizen.

“Good-natured food delivery,” continued another netizen.

“Roshan is very kind, he is willing to throw away his drinking supplies to be filled with gasoline to help salty people he doesn’t know,” concluded another netizen.

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