Very good! These 5 People Hold The World’s Fastest Eating Record


Good at finishing food in seconds. These people managed to hold the record for the fastest meal in the world which is astonishing.

Most people eat fast when they are in a hurry or are very hungry. But unlike these people who actually make food a challenge. For them to eat a lot of food in a matter of seconds is an achievement and pride in itself.

There are also many people who choose to be competitive eaters, or food champions who are trained to finish their food super fast.

Here are five people who managed to hold the record for the fastest meal in the world.

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1. Blueberry Fruit Eating Record

Fast eating record in one minute Photo: GWR

Recently, a man from Idaho broke the Guinness Worlds Records fast eating record. The man named David Rush managed to finish 107 blueberries in one minute. The moment of spending the blueberry was also videotaped and uploaded to the Guinness Worlds Records YouTube.

The record for eating blueberries beat the previous record set by a British man, Luke Roberts. In October 2019, Luke was only able to finish about 96 blueberries in one minute. This isn’t the first time David Rush has broken his binge eating record.

David has broken more than 150 Guinness records for promoting STEM education. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of ​​educating students using four specific disciplines, namely science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

2. 50 Chilies Within 1 Minute

Fast eating record in one minuteChili eating record. Photo: Special

There is something unique in this food record. The reason is not delicious food that is eaten, but spicy chili. This eating record was set by a man from Ningxiangpu, China known as Tang Shuaihui.

Tang Shuaihui took part in a tabasco chili eating contest. Tabasco chili is a type of chili that has a high level of spiciness, reaching 50,000 on the Scovilla spicy scale. The chilies are spilled in a pool of water.

Then the participants entered the pool while finishing tabasco chilies. The prize on offer for those who win the race is a 24-carat gold coin weighing 3 grams, China News reports.

3. Eat the World’s Fastest Hotdog

A woman in England managed to break a record with her unique way of eating. Woman named Leah Shutkever managed to break the world record when eating hot dogs.

He ate the hot dog in an unusual way, but not using his hands. The time to eat this hot dog is also not long, only 18.15 seconds.

This world record was set on April 11, 2021. The woman who broke the world record is already known as the ‘Fastest Eating Series’. To date, Shutkever has managed to break 22 food world records. Before breaking the world record for eating hot dogs, Shutkever had earned the record for eating the fastest cucumber in the world with a time of 27.16 seconds.

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