Very Beautiful, Sejile ‘Tongue’ Beach Set in Mount Baluran


Baluran National Park is indeed so beautiful. One of the best spots is the beach that sticks out like a tongue.

Its name is Sejile Beach, this exotic tourist area is located in Situbondo, East Java. The combination of panoramic views of white sand beaches and forests is worth a visit. What does it look like?

In the local language, Sejile means the tongue. This refers to the location of the coastline that sticks out like a tongue.

When the sea water recedes, a white sandy land appears protruding into the middle of the bay. The width is about 10 meters, with a length of 30 meters like a sticking tongue. That is why, this beach is called Sejile or Si Lidah.

Not only white sand. The waves in this Tosca green bay also flow calmly, almost no ripples. Not too deep either. It is suitable for swimming and water tourism such as canoes, kayaks, and even jet skis.

Sejile Beach Situbondo (Photo: Chuck Shatu Widarsa/detikJatim)

Not only that, the vegetation in the area located within the utilization zone of Baluran National Park is also diverse and still natural. In some parts of the coastline there is also mangrove vegetation, with a variety of fauna.

With the background of Mount Baluran which looks blue from a distance, Sejile Beach is so beautiful. However, access to the area located within the Baluran National Park area is still relatively difficult. This is because there is no proper infrastructure.

To get to this area, visitors must travel a distance of about 9-10 km through the forest in the Baluran National Park area. Even the road is still a rocky ground, and must cross several tributaries.

However, for outdoor and adventure activists, the terrain to get to this coastal area has its own challenges. Because it can stimulate adrenaline.

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