Very artsy! This is the Art District Present in Sarinah


Sarinah started operating again in March 2022. After the revamp, Sarinah has now become more ‘Indonesian’.

In accordance with its initial mission in 1962. To accommodate the trading activities of domestic products, it also helps the growth of the Indonesian economy.

One of the manifestations of her mission, Sarinah often holds various events. Especially events related to local products or culture.

One of the ongoing events in Sarinah is Art District. This event was held on the sixth floor of the Sarinah Thamrin building.

The Art District is the first collaboration in Indonesia and brings together the concept of cultural work with the art market. The X Sarinah Art District was created to foster a sustainable art ecosystem in Jakarta.

The X Sarinah Art District features more than 230 works of art. These works come from many artists. Starting from community artists to famous Indonesian artists.

The works displayed are divided into two categories. That is individual work and collective work. Individual works are works that are displayed under the name of the artist who created them. Not be part of a collection of works of a community.

One of the individual works presented was the work entitled Blank from MangMoel. This work tells about the state of the underwater ecosystem. Dominated by gray and black to show natural conditions that are no longer colored.

The work entitled Empty by MangMoel. Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

The main character of this work is a typical character from MangMoel named Mogus. Namely the Monster Octopus Sigarantang. In this work Mogus is shown in black. This work is dominated by knitting handicrafts made by housewives.

In addition, there are also rooms with collective works. That is a collection of works of artists who are members of an art community or institution.

One of them is the collective work of the Rakarsa Foundation. This work is entitled Alas Sangkan Paran which means jungle of origin and destination. This artwork is the result of female artists from Bandung.

Artworks at the X Sarinah Art DistrictThe collective work of the Rakarsa Foundation. Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

There are various works displayed by the Rakarsa Foundation artists. One of them is the work of Fefia Suh. This work is entitled ‘To Know You Before I’m The One With The Soil is The Best Part Of Me’. This work was created in 2021.

Artworks at the X Sarinah Art DistrictOne of the works of the collective Rakarsa Foundation. Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

The artworks displayed at the X Sarinah Art District vary widely. There are graffiti works from Gardu House. Exhibiting a showcase featuring various works from artists who are members of the community.

Variety of works in the Art District X SarinahGraffiti works from Gardu House. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila

Until the work of Eko Nugroho who uses plastic waste. Eko Nugroho tries to experiment to process waste and plastic waste into work materials. This work discusses the sustainability and empowerment of environmentally friendly artistic materials.

Variety of works in the Art District X SarinahEko Nugroho’s work. Yasmin Nurfadila

The Arts District is open from June 2 to August 22, 2022. During the promotion period, ticket prices start from IDR 35,000 for children and students and IDR 50,000 for adults. Tickets can be purchased on site or ordered through the official website of the Art District (

In addition to work exhibitions, the X Sarinah Art District also presents various workshops. However, to attend this workshop, visitors need to book a special ticket. Generally, ticket prices for workshops are in the range of IDR 360,000.

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