Venice Opens Forbidden Landmark To The Public, Dare To Try It?


It turns out Venice still have other ammunition to introduce to the tourists. These are the landmarks that were previously forbidden spots.

Venice is famous for having a lot of tourists. And, his new scenic spot aims to take advantage of the trouble tourism by directing them to social action.

Procuratie Vecchie in St. Mark’s Square, one of the most famous buildings has opened to the public, and for the first time in history, launches CNNSaturday (16/4/2022).

Built in the early 1500s in the Basilica of St. Mark, after the previous building was destroyed by fire, the 500-foot-tall Neoclassical facade is one of Venice’s most famous images. The ground floor foyer houses historic cafes like Quadri.

Now, for the first time, visitors can access its fourth and final floor. Where a permanent exhibition has been installed under the sloping beam roof of the building.

Procuratie Vecchie in Venice (Photo: CNN)

Formerly, the space was the headquarters of the Italian insurance company Generali since 1832. The building has been undergoing renovations over the past five years led by architect David Chipperfield.

However, Generali still maintains an office on the second floor, and will lease a third for exhibitions and open to the public, the fourth will be the headquarters of The Human Safety Net, a project that helps people and families at risk, including refugees.

Part of that is a high-tech exhibition rarely seen in Venice. Instead of showing history or art, “The World of Potential” is social skills through technology.

The live exhibition was designed to instill attention and empathy in visitors, including a game of teamwork, and an exercise in which visitors can lift the ball into the air with just the power of concentration.

By buying tickets for the exhibition, half of it goes to The Human Safety Net and as visitor access to the fourth floor cafe. There are two terraces that lead directly to the dome of the Basilica of St. Markus and the famous campanile (bell tower).

Procuratie Vecchie in VeniceProcuratie Vecchie in Venice (Photo: CNN)

The terrace has no view of the square, as it is below the roofline of the building. However, the upstairs room had a window overlooking an area Napoleon called the “European parlor”.

The space itself is probably the most interesting project. Chipperfield’s renovations have turned the abandoned attic level into a large series of interconnected rooms with stone-lined arches connecting them along the way.

There will also be a co-working space and a meeting room upstairs, although it will not be open to the public, or to local residents, but is used by companies and NGOs that come to spend time in Venice. The cafe will only be open to exhibition visitors.

Generali previously funded the rebuilding of the Royal Gardens, a popular place to sit among St. Mark’s Square and the waterfront.

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