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Used to be bullied, Albert Munthe is now a famous game streamer

Among online game players, especially Mobile Legends, Albert Munthe’s name is already familiar as a content creator and streamer, who is also a professional player. However, who would have thought that Dewa United’s retainer with the name Potx had to fall and rise before he could be as successful as he is now, especially with what he’s had since childhood.

Albert in elementary school until the beginning of his career when doing live streaming, sometimes getting bullied (bullying). However, he was not disturbed and could continue to move forward to become a successful gamer.

“Humans are born unable to fly, but that does not mean that limitations make humans unable to fly. There must be a way in every obstacle, as long as you are still trying,” he said, quoted from the Jalan Tikus Youtube channel.

Streamer jobs provide opportunities for people with disabilities to keep working and make money. The proof is, now there are more than 552K followers on his Facebook account.

Albert, who dreams of becoming a programmer and working in the field of business management, came into contact with the world of online game streaming in the early days of the pandemic. Starting from seeing Wannn Evos’ content, Albert was interested in trying it. He saw an opportunity for a career in content creators and game streams.

Through his persistence in selling online by becoming a reseller (reseller), Albert began to install live streaming tools, such as headsets, microphones, webcams, to the iPad. He also explored content on Facebook and found that the live streaming platform was a good fit for him to start a career.

He has passed the ups and downs in the live streaming world, especially criticism and blasphemy from netizens. However, with determination and support from his parents, Albert managed to prove himself that “everyone can stream”.

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“Everyone has their own privilege. Don’t look at someone else’s, just look at your own. Develop it. Many don’t realize that health is a privilege that money can’t buy.” said Albert.

The owner of this fb.gg/albertmuntheee account decided to join the Facebook Gaming partner program. The content it presents is about Mobile Legends.

“I decided to go for Mobile Legends because the market is wide, the players are many, and the community is good,” said the fan of the Roger hero.

Uniquely, if Mobile Legends players play using both thumbs, Albert chooses to use the index finger. For him, this makes it easier for him to play because he doesn’t have to lift his device. If you use your right and left forefingers, the iPad you use can be placed on the table.

The thing that makes him survive live streaming on Facebook even though the viewers are few is the desire to move forward. At the beginning of the stream, the page was promoted by one of the creators of Facebook. Then, there is Brandon Kent alias Bkent who helps him become a reliable streamer.

To become a streamer like Albert, currently there are many options to start learning, one of which is participating in the partner program from Facebook Gaming by taking free virtual classes from MainGames Academy.

The program was developed by MainGames Indonesia, a creator service provider and official partner of Facebook Gaming, which runs the Facebook Gaming program and helps creators to turn game streamers into careers. (RO/OL-7)