Use Glue to Powder, These are 7 Tricks to Make Food in Ads Tempting


Do you often drool when you see food advertisements on television (TV) or magazines? The appearance of this food is indeed made as attractive as possible with trick confidential. Start using glue, cardboard, to talcum powder. Here’s the secret.

Food styling or the art of decorating food is so needed in the process of making advertisements, videos, or food photography. Someone who is good at it, a food stylist, usually has a series of secret tricks that you never imagined before.

They use a variety of ingredients to make food visually appetizing and durable for the sake of salt extraction. Not infrequently, the ingredients used are non-food so the food advertised is actually inedible.

Call it glue to make a bowl of cereal with milk look more attractive to talcum powder sprinkled on the fruit to show a fresh sensation. Everything will make you believe it!

Quoting Why These (15/8/2021), here are 7 tricks to make food in the ad looks interesting:

1. Ice cream is replaced with mashed potato

Mashed potatoes can replace ice cream Photo: Why These

Advertising ice cream takes a trick so that the ice cream doesn’t melt easily during the shooting process. Using real ice cream is not the right move. Food stylists usually replace ice cream with mashed potatoes.

Processed mashed potatoes look solid, like ice cream, but do not melt quickly. Mashed potatoes are usually dyed until the end result resembles ice cream.

2. Toothpick to wedge burger components

Use Glue to Powder, These are 7 Tricks to Make Food in Ads TemptingToothpicks can connect burger components Photo: Why These

Seeing a burger consisting of an array of bread, vegetables, meat patty, and cheese in a TV advert really makes you drool. But did you know these burgers are arranged with a trick?

So that the distance between the components of the burger is clearly visible layer by layer, food stylists usually outsmart it with a toothpick. Its function is to block each burger ingredient.

3. Milk substitute glue

Use Glue to Powder, These are 7 Tricks to Make Food in Ads TemptingMilk in cereal commercials is often replaced with glue Photo: Why These

The trick to making food in another ad is about using milk for a bowl of cereal. Milk usually looks so thick. The cereal in it also didn’t sink or deflate.

This can happen because the milk is replaced with glue! The use of glue allows the image of a bowl of cereal with milk to be much more interesting.

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