Urgent! 5 Etiquettes of Eating Meatballs to Mixed Ice to Look Elegant


Etiquette when eating does not only apply to luxury foods. Etiquette is also needed when eating street food to make it look more elegant.

Etiquette when eating is touted as an expensive science. Because it may seem trivial, but it can make us look more polite and elegant when doing it.

This is important, especially when we are eating together at a banquet with other people. Usually the banquet is always served luxurious food and drinks.

However, etiquette when eating does not only apply when eating luxurious food, but also cheap street food. The etiquette was shared by Michelle Irwanto through her TikTok video @micol_26.

Here’s the etiquette for eating 5 street snacks, his version:

1. Ice Drink Etiquette

Etiquette for drinking ice choking to look elegant Photo: TikTok @micol_26

Escekek is an Indonesian term for drinks in plastic that are drunk using a straw. The word ‘cekek’ or ‘choking’ is taken from the word how to hold a drink on the top plastic.

So as if suffocating. Usually, Es Cekek contains sweet iced tea, orange juice and other fresh drinks. Well, this way of drinking escek has its own etiquette.

First, don’t bite the straw and don’t hold the ice in one hand. It’s best to hold the ice in both hands and position the straw in the center of the tongue.

In addition, it is also recommended to slightly bend down when sucking the ice. According to him, the etiquette makes the way of drinking escek look more elegant.

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2. Mixed Ice Eating Etiquette

Eating and drinking etiquetteEtiquette for eating mixed ice to look elegant Photo: TikTok @micol_26

Mixed ice is a dish in the form of various fruits served with fresh and sweet sauce. Usually, mixed ice is placed in a bowl and eaten with a spoon.

Michelle advises not looking down when scooping mixed ice. Also, don’t eat from the front of the spoon and make sure it doesn’t drip.

The correct way is to scoop outward and drain the spoon at the end. Must sit up straight while spooning and preferably eat from the side of the spoon.

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