Upset! Woman Orders 100 Cakes When This Coffee Shop Closes


A woman named Kim just pissed off the entire staff of Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland. He ordered 100 cakes in 10 minutes the coffee shop was about to close.

Anyone who works in a restaurant will definitely be happy if they get food orders in large quantities. However, it would be annoying if this large number of food orders were actually made before the restaurant’s closing hours.

Reporting from the Daily Dot (31/1) a viral video shows an employee of a Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland coffee shop telling a customer. He revealed that this coffee shop was ready to close but there were customers who ordered cakes in very large quantities.

Order voucher for 100 cakes at Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland Photo: TikTok @livvie3304

Because it is still operating hours, inevitably all employees have to work extra to serve these customers.

“We’re closing in ten minutes and a customer is trying to order over 100 cakes,” a Starbucks barista said via her TikTok account @livvie3304.

The video shows receipts for food with a total of 93 items. This meal was ordered by a customer named Kim. He made an order via an online application so the restaurant couldn’t refuse.

The barista named Liv further explained that the customer actually ordered 160 pieces of chocolate flavored cake but could not fulfill it due to limited raw materials. In the end, this customer accepted that Starbucks could only serve 93 pieces of cake.

“To be honest, our cookie dough has run out. We’re not a catering company. Actually you can actually make it at home,” Liv says in the video.

After buying all the cakes, Liv said this customer paid a total of $293.12 or equivalent to Rp. 4.2 million. After being asked, it turned out that this customer bought a lot of cakes for food at his 17th birthday party.

Due to making sudden orders in large quantities, all workers have to work overtime and only come home a few hours after operating hours end. “We closed at 10pm and had to stay a few hours due to taking orders,” Liv continued.

This video post went viral and invited reactions from netizens. Many have asked about the tip given by this casual customer, but Liv replied that this teenager did not give any tips at all.

“A lot of questions about tips being given. He pays through the app so maybe he tips through the app too, but I don’t think he gives at all,” Liv said.

“People like this have never worked in a restaurant or food service,” wrote one comment.

“Many orders like this should be done at least 24 hours in advance,” said another netizen.

“As a Starbucks barista, I will tell him to leave,” said a netizen who is also a Starbucks barista.

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