Unique Ngabuburit from Central Java, Like Sailing for a while


Moment bubbling it is suitable for traveling. If you’re in Central Java, visit this brand-new destination.

Precisely in Juwana District, Pati Regency, Central Java, there is a beautiful place to visit while waiting for iftar. From Kampoeng Air, you can enjoy the sunset from the boat. What is the beauty like?

Kampoeng Air is located on Jalan Juwana-Jakenan KM 2 number 9, precisely in Bumirejo Village, Juwana District. The distance from the center of Pati City with Kampoeng Air is about 13.6 kilometers. If taken by vehicle takes 22 minutes.

The location is on the south side of the Pantura Pati-Rembang. However, visitors are advised to cross from the east side entrance which is on Jalan Juwana-Jakenan.

Seen from a distance a ship unit in the middle of Kampoeng Air. There are also several huts that float on the lake.

Kampoeng Air in Pati, a ship concept restaurant in the middle of the lake (Photo: Dian Utoro Aji/detikJateng)

Brothers and sisters can enjoy the sunset from this ship, you know. Of course, don’t forget to take pictures and be stylish to capture the moment on this ship.

Not only that, Sedulur can also eat various culinary delights in Kampoeng Air. The price is also pocket friendly.

One of the visitors, Meika (26), admitted that it was the first time she had visited Kampoeng Air Juwana. He said the view from the boat was very beautiful. Moreover, you can enjoy the sunset and eat iftar from the boat.

“This is the first time, it’s good. The view is also good from here,” explained Meika at the location, Monday (4/4/2022).

One of the guards at Kampoeng Air, Tanto, said that Kampoeng Air has been open since the end of 2021, last December to be exact. According to him, Kampoeng Air has a restaurant concept that is above the lake.

“This is the concept of a restaurant with a culinary concept on board,” said Tanto, who was met at the location this afternoon.

Kampoeng Air is made similar to a ship in the middle of a lake. In addition, there is also a floating hut to enjoy the culinary delights of Kampoeng Air.

“There are also many affordable food menus here, you can enjoy culinary delights from the boat,” he explained.

Tanto said that apart from culinary, visitors can get around the lake by boat. Rates start from Rp. 15 thousand. Interested, Lur?

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