Unique! Farmers in Japan Use Hammers to Increase Mushroom Yield


Many tricks are used by farmers to increase crop yields. Like farmers in Japan who rely on hammers to increase the yield of shitake mushrooms.

Agriculture in Japan is known for the application of high-tech modern techniques. Agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits from Japan are also known for being premium. However, in the midst of this modernization, there are still some conventional farmers who rely on manual methods for farming.

One of them is shitake mushroom farmers in Oita Prefecture, the island of Kyushu which is known as a center for shitake mushroom producers. Reporting from Soranews (8/2) these mushroom farmers rely on hammers as a tool to increase crop yields.

Shitake mushroom cultivation Photo: Soranews

Shitake mushrooms do not grow above the ground, like other vegetables or fruit. Mushrooms actually need tree trunks as a growing medium. The farmers will use tree trunks that have been doused with water and then left for 2 weeks.

After that, the tree trunk was hit repeatedly with a hammer. This technique does seem a little strange to the layman. However, the Oita Prefectural Center for Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Research Guidance says that this technique has proven to be able to increase mushroom production.

This agricultural organization has conducted an experiment to compare the effects of hitting logs with a hammer and leaving the logs unbeaten. As a result, the hammer-hit logs increased the production of shitake mushrooms up to two times compared to the non-hammered logs.

From the results of this experiment, farmers are recommended to hit the logs that will be used as growing media for mushrooms. Hit five times on the back of the log then hit five more times on the front.

This method has actually been done by farmers and passed down from generation to generation. Researchers haven’t found a reason why hitting wood increases mold production. It is possible that the vibrations from this blow make the components in the log become loose, making it easier for fungi to grow.

shitake mushroomHammer illustration Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/chengyuzheng

Because this method has proven to be effective, the average mushroom farmer in Japan has a reliable hammer to hit tree trunks. Thanks to the increased production of mushrooms, the income of farmers will also increase.

In Japan, shitake mushrooms are a favorite, many Japanese foods are processed with the addition of this mushroom. In addition to the delicious taste and aroma, shitake mushrooms also have health benefits such as maintaining heart health, preventing obesity and maintaining brain health.

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