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Unika Atmajaya and PT WIR Asia Develop Metaverse Course

Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (Unika) collaborates with PT WIR Asia to develop courses in the metaverse, as part of the Indonesian Metaverse ecosystem which will be launched later this year at the G20 Presidency.

The cooperation agreement took place at the Semanggi Campus, Jakarta Monday (21/3), and was carried out directly by the Chancellor of Atma Jaya Unika Dr Agustinus Prasetyantoko and the Chief Innovation Officer & Co Founder of the WIR Group, Jeffrey Budiman.

Prasetyantoko in his speech said that technological developments provide opportunities for increasing access in various fields, such as education, social interaction and economic activities. Innovation and technology provide inclusive productivity enhancement opportunities.

“This collaboration is also part of a series of commemorations of the 62nd Anniversary of Atma Jaya Unika which emphasizes its role as part of the nation’s development component, as was the spirit of its initial establishment,” said Prasetyantoko, who is also an economist.

Furthermore, Prasetyantoko explained, the world is experiencing a double disruption, driven by technological innovation and the emergence of the global Covid-19 pandemic which makes the post-pandemic world no longer the same as before.

Likewise, the world of education, Metaverse provides opportunities for conducting lectures in cyberspace that allows the expansion of access to education.

“The world of higher education must be at the forefront of welcoming society and post-pandemic civilization, one of which is marked by the presence of a metaverse. Atma Jaya Unika has declared itself as a campus with a sustainable perspective, by preparing a transformative generation capable of facing future changes,” said Prasetyantoko who was once active as a researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program (HKSIP).

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Budiman, Chief Innovation Officer & Co Founder of WIR Group said that the development of a metaverse ecosystem such as Metaverse Indonesia on a massive scale requires the support of various parties, including the education sector.

Atma Jaya Unika’s seriousness in building a virtual teaching-learning system in Metaverse Indonesia could be the beginning of a new era for Indonesia’s future education sector.

“WIR Group will continue to develop an ecosystem that supports Metaverse Indonesia through collaboration with other educational institutions, in order to build community participation, especially students and students in terms of metaverse technology. This collaboration also allows students’ contributions to take part in the history of metaverse development in Indonesia,” said Jeffrey.

Metaverse is a collaborative virtual universe concept that combines human interaction with avatars as well as various products and services between the real world and the digital world without boundaries.

Thanks to the help of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence, everything can take place simultaneously and in parallel in Metaverse. Metaverse has great potential for people to interact, work, learn and carry out other activities in life as in the real world.

The use of metaverse technology will provide an experience as well as a means for students to interact with their friends and lecturers so that online learning is optimal and not different from direct learning.

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Atma Jaya Unika is committed to preparing students with adequate understanding to face digital transformation through various work programs that are oriented towards increasing technological literacy and preparing (incubating) various community groups to be better prepared to take advantage of technological advances.

WIR Group is a company that focuses on Metaverse technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. The company has five global patents for AR and is registered nationally as well as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which spans up to 153 countries worldwide. (N-1)