Understanding the Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

ASHTARA Consulting in collaboration with IESPA (Indonesia Esports Association) DKI Jakarta and HIPMI Jaya held discussions on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in the gaming and financial industry in the future.

IESPA General Treasurer Rafif Rizqullah invites the entire community to participate in understanding the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in the midst of the transition to the current endemic period.

According to Rafif, the development of the implementation of blockchain and crypto technology continues to develop in everyday life which until now has been clearly seen from its implementation in the gaming and financial sectors in Indonesia.

This is in line with the direction of the General Chairperson of IESPA Ibnu Riza in his speech at Fornas Palembang some time ago that gaming and the e-sport industry have become a lifestyle in everyday life.

“I also see that the two industries are the two industrial sectors with the fastest growth in the last 3 years,” said Rafif.

Rafif added, The blockchain technology industry, including the cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT) industry, experienced rapid development in the world community, especially experiencing a significant increase during the Covid-19 Pandemic and at the same time as the rapid development of the gaming industry, because people are more often do activities at home.

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Rafif collaborated with the Deputy Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga, as the Father of Blockchain and Crypto Development Leaders in Indonesia to be able to continue to stimulate and accelerate the application of blockchain and crypto technology within the framework of developing Web 3.0 in everyday life in other industries.

Jerry Sambuaga ensured that the government would continue to oversee this development by increasing institutional coordination for the creation of a healthy industry that could create new economic value in society.

“Currently the world is back to normal and even entering the Endemic era, of course the social and economic order is changing, although slowly but surely. Digital activities make it easy for humans to carry out any transactions,” he said.

Chairman of IESPA DKI Anindyo Haskoro Suhardono welcomes the initiative and hopes that in the future such discussion activities can be held regularly as an educational effort to the public, so that during the Endemic period the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry can survive and become an ideal alternative in financial transactions.

“It is hoped that with this activity, the public can continue to participate in the development of the digital world, especially in the blockchain industry with all supporting ecosystems so that it continues to give birth to various new innovations, including cryptocurrency,” he said. (RO/OL-7)

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