Understand the Ethics of Communicating in the Digital Space

The consistent application of digital ethics can create a new asset, namely digital credibility. So that digitally capable individuals must understand what are the ethics of digital media.

When entering the digital space, especially social media, each individual will interact with many people who have different cultures, standards of thinking, and backgrounds (ethnic, geographical, religious). Digital ethics is a common thread that connects every individual in the digital world. “So that we can build healthy relationships, grow each other, which ultimately creates digital credibility with each other and opens up space for collaboration,” said CEO and Founder of Coffee Meets Stocks, Theo Derick in Kediri, East Java, Wednesday (6/7).

Social media is a place of interaction, while content and language are symbols of expression on social media. So that every digitally savvy individual must pay attention to how to communicate.

Everyone does not use enough communication language/polite words. Social media is a tool. So the language or words used must be appropriate for the purpose, such as education, persuasion, promotion, self-image, or just self-expression. “Different goals, different styles of language used. Whatever the goal, it must be polite and positive. The concentration level of social media users is low, so the language is made simple, direct to the discussion, and easy to understand,” said Theo. (OL-12)

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