Unable to endure, many legendary restaurants for decades had to close


There are several places to eat that have been around for decades. But for one reason or another, they were forced to give up and close due to circumstances.

Not only enjoyed for the occasional, there are several restaurants that are known to have the best quality food taste. This restaurant will usually continue to be visited and seems to be a subscription to eat at its place.

Some customers who already feel comfortable with a place to eat also don’t hesitate to bring their families with them. The delicious taste has also succeeded in making other family members addicted to eating at that place.

The result is a lot legendary restaurant which is not only managed from generation to generation, but also its customers who come from generation to generation. Starting from his father, his son, even his grandson became addicted to come and order food.

Unable to survive, the legendary porridge restaurant here ended up closing. Photo: Instagram @ahseahteochew

Unfortunately, the conditions that have now changed a lot have a lot of impact on the line legendary restaurant the. Some restaurants that are more than 20 years old, for example, are forced to adapt to the drastically changing circumstances.

There are many things that admit to complicate restaurant management for a number of specific reasons. Until finally some of the legendary restaurants were forced to close because the owners were no longer able to solve the problem.

There are several restaurant owners who claim that they have no successors who want to maintain and continue the family restaurant. Meanwhile, to maintain its authenticity, this legendary restaurant is highly recommended to be managed from generation to generation.

In addition, there is also a legendary restaurant owner who feels he is too old to manage his restaurant. Instead of passing on his business to his children, he chose to take a break and close his legendary restaurant.

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stuck in a closed restaurantNot only the owner, many customers are sad and willing to queue for the last meal. Photo: iStock

The sadness that arose after the announcement of the closure of the restaurant was not only felt by the owner. Many customers of the legendary restaurant are willing to stand in line for hours to taste the dish one last time.

There are places to eat that have had to limit purchases per customer because of the booming demand when the planned closure was announced to the public. The restaurant workers admitted that they did not believe in the enthusiasm of their loyal customers and were overwhelmed to fulfill orders.

There is even a 60-year-old restaurant in China that surprised its customers after announcing its closure plans. Not only waiting in line to taste the taste of the food for the last time, these customers are also willing to pay for the typical tableware from the restaurant to be kept as a keepsake.

In this review, detikfood will discuss the story of a legendary restaurant that ended up closing after being unable to compete with difficult conditions. The story of the row legendary restaurant which is closed will certainly be interesting to observe.

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