Two years old, the door application is downloaded by more than 2 million users

PT Pintu Kemana Saja, known by the brand name Pintu, a crypto asset trading and investment platform, celebrates its second anniversary by launching a campaign themed “2nd Anniversary Door”.

The event was attended by the Founder & CEO of Pintu Jeth Soetoyo, a pioneer of the crypto community in Indonesia, crypto scholars, and two loyal members of the Pintu Joshua and Lia community.

Through this activity, Pintu shares updates achievements for two years and distribute prizes worth Rp. 145 million, 1 unit of iPhone 13, and 1 unit of Playstation 5.

Jeth Soetoyo, Founder & CEO of Pintu, expressed his gratitude for the support given.

“The two-year journey of Pintu providing crypto asset investment services cannot be separated from the great contributions of Pintu users, the entire community, strategic partners, namely the government, especially CoFTRA and the Ministry of Communication and Information, as well as media partners,” said Jeth in a press statement, Tuesday (5/4). .

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“Although we are only in our second year, we are quite proud of the various achievements we have achieved, including the Pintu application which has been downloaded by more than two million users,” he explained.

In addition, there are currently more than 50 investment token options and the latest features such as Earn Doors and Staking Token Doors.

The most important thing is that our two years of presence have been well received by the community and we see that the innovations that we present are in accordance with the needs of people who want convenience and security in investing in crypto assets.”

At the Pintu 2nd Anniversary event, Jet said, “We have been actively providing education about cryptocurrency and technology blockchain in Indonesia since 2018.”

“We’re seeing a very rapid development with a lot of exchange One of them is Pintu, which is still quite new in Indonesia,” he explained.

“But we see Pintu playing a big role in increasing the penetration of crypto assets in Indonesia through easy and safe services for the community, and that’s good enough for the sustainability of the crypto industry in Indonesia,” said Jeth.

The Pintu application is officially two years old as an application for buying and selling services and investing in crypto assets in Indonesia.

Over the past two years, Pintu has had two million users spread throughout Indonesia.

In order to celebrate anniversary The second door, Pintu gives appreciation to users by holding 2nd Anniversary Door and gave various prizes with a total value of up to Rp. 145 million.

“Two challenging years for us to educate the public about investing in crypto assets and the blockchain technology contained in them,” said Jeth.

“In the following years, even in the next five to ten years, we have a vision to make the Pintu application a platform mainstay for investing and developing crypto assets. We are also optimistic that crypto asset users in Indonesia can reach 50 million users within the next 5 years.” close Jet. (RO/OL-09)

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