Twitter is Building a Dedicated Tab for Podcasts

The social media platform Twitter is reportedly building a dedicated podcast tab, as shown in a screenshot uploaded by developer Jane Manchun Wong, quoted from The Verge, Saturday (5/3). The image shows the microphone symbol at the bottom of the Twitter menu, leading to a page titled “Podcasts.”

The screenshot doesn’t show any indication of how the podcast will be displayed on the platform or possibly merged with Spaces, Twitter’s audio-only chat feature. Currently, Spaces broadcasts are accessible at the top of Twitter and it makes sense to organize them in a separate tab.

Twitter began venturing into audio via Spaces in 2020. Spaces recordings are similar to podcasts, except that they can only be played back to the public for 30 days. If the broadcast feature on Twitter is the same as Spotify or Apple Podcasts, users can choose which one they want to listen to whenever they want, no need to rush because they are worried that the recording deadline will be deleted.

Spaces, can now be recorded by any host or host Android and iOS users, and can be played back to the public for 30 days.

Twitter first introduced the Spaces recording feature last October to only a handful of hosts who were iOS users.

Then in December, Twitter began allowing use of the feature to some host Android users and the recordings were available for users to listen to on iOS, Android, and the web.

Recently, Twitter expanded the use of Spaces by allowing all users on both Android and iOS to be able to become hosts, as quoted from The Verge. Previously, only users with 600 followers or more could host on Spaces. (Ant/OL-12)

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