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Twitter Expands Birdwatch in US

TWITTER extends its shared fact-checking feature through various sources or better known as crowdsource to its users in the United States (US) to prevent users from misinformation or misleading posts.

The social networking site launched a project called Birdwatch last year as a new experiment that asks Twitter users to identify whether a tweet is misleading or not.

Twitter users can flag a misleading tweet by writing a note to provide information that debunks the content, which will then be added to the original tweet.

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Like other social media platforms, Twitter has long been under pressure to do more to prevent fake content from spreading among its 217 million daily users.

During the initial trial period, there were 10,000 contributors who were members of Birdwatch, the results of which can be seen on a separate online page, namely https://twitter.com/i/birdwatch.

Now, the Birdwatch feature seems to be publicly viewable by some users in the United States so they can see whether a tweet is misleading or not.

Although new to the US, Twitter says it will expand Birdwatch to other users in more countries. (Ant/OL-1)