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Twitter Develops New Method of Uploading Videos for Android

Twitter is developing a new method to speed up video uploads for Android phone users.

The announcement was made by Twitter through their accounts at “Twitter Support” and “Twitter Engineering and mentioned their plans to develop applications for Android users to be faster in terms of uploading videos.

Citing Phone Arena, Thursday, one of the problems of Android users in the Twitter application is related to uploading video content which often takes a lot of time.

With the latest update, Twitter says that now Android users from version 9 to the latest version can upload video content faster as long as it has a resolution of 720p or lower.

In addition, faster video uploads can also be done as long as the video has a bitrate of 3.5 mbps or lower.

For videos above 720p resolution can still be done, but users do have to wait longer until the content can be shared.

“While these improvements represent our latest evolution for Android video uploading, we are constantly improving the uploading experience for your high-quality videos,” Twitter said.

Although it has just introduced an update for fast video uploads with 720p resolution, it is possible that Twitter in the future will succeed in finding the right method for faster video uploads for video sizes with a resolution of more than 720p.

Apart from app updates, fast video uploads on Twitter can be affected by internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is stable so you can optimally use updates from the application.(Ant/OL-12)