Trustlane to Issue Ethereum Blockchain-Based DBFI Crypto Tokens

TRUSTLANE, which is a crypto project from Indonesia, plans to issue a DBFI crypto token of the ERC20 type based on the ethereum blockchain. Details and prospectuses or whitepapers have been released in the framework of the pre-ICO (Initial coin offering) and ICO which will be announced in the near future. The DBFI ERC20 token was issued as a commitment to develop the Trustlane ecosystem, a hybrid blockchain-based technology that will act as an intermediary between the financial, business and investment sectors in one integrated platform.

The DBFI platform is a solution for digital crypto assets managed by banking standards with centralized asset management. Trustlane integrates hybrid blockchain technology for the business, financial and investment sectors whose function is to speed up the transaction process and effective identity confirmation in managing the bridge between the fiat and crypto economies and CBDC (central bank digital coin). The DBFI platform is aimed at building an ecosystem to increase time and cost efficiency as well as crypto flexibility developed by Trustlane LLC, a subsidiary of PT IDFC Internasional.

The DBFI platform differs from the DEFI financial system in that it executes transactions without a central authority. The DBFI platform uses centralization to allow centralized transactions to be executed. The DBFI platform organizes data and digital assets in a hybrid blockchain ecosystem before transactions are passed on to the public blockchain. The DBFI platform makes digital assets compliance worthy, recorded and detailed. Early stage ecosystem development targets the B2B sector, namely the process of business transactions can be confirmed quickly, transparently and protected.

The Trustlane development plan includes programmable smart contracts by third parties, open smart contracts (OSM) that can be programmed and used as identities in financial transactions, investments, confirmations, secure messaging between corporations and financial institutions. OSM can also be used as a correspondent identity for non-banking financial institutions.

Several plans for the development of the Trustlane ecosystem include the issuance of one-to-one pegged Stablecoins with fiat currencies such as euros and US dollars as an option for developing the DBFI platform. Stablecoins can be positioned as transaction intermediaries in an integrated ecosystem. Stablecoins are not subject to the volatility of the crypto market as they are reliant on cash held in custodial banks which are regularly audited. Trustlane does not use algorithmic formulas or commodity assets as collateral for stablecoin issuance. In the near future Trustlane will issue USDV, a US dollar-pegged stablecoin following the DBFI platform Token offering.

The DBFI token offering has not yet been opened to the initial coin offering or ICO stage. However, Trustlane has opened a whitelist for those interested in participating in the initial or pre-ICO offering. A total of 30 million DBFI tokens were allocated in the three Pre-ICO stages. The DBFI crypto token model is a static supply-dynamic price with a total supply of 99,999,999 million tokens with a maximum market cap of US$800 million. Trustlane emphasizes the ideal tokenomic concept along with technological developments and market demand. (OL-14)

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